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· Rolled oats

· Buckwheat

· Cottage cheese

· Egg whites

· Banana

· Cinnamon

· Sweetener of choice

· Baking powder

· Baking soda


Throw everything in a bowl and blend with a stick blender. Add milk or water if necessary to reach desired pancake-batter-consistency. Cook like normal pancakes. Top with yogurt/fruit/whatever.


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Accidentally posted before adding text

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Wow, that looks amazing, @Tolorii!


Can you put some quantities and amounts beside the ingredients though? It might be a challenge to replicate this without the numbers! :-p


I've actually worked out a pancake recipe of my own which I've been meaning to post up (although mine are more like crepes than American pancakes). The problem is that I keep eating them before I can take a photo. Maybe this weekend, though!

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