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AAS/SARM's PCT/Recovery

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PCTs don't appear to improve long-term recovery, particularly in cases of primary hypogonadism, and this is not just an anecdotal observation, we have some decent studies of large numbers of men pointing to this poor recovery now.

And most guys following a sensible low-dosed AAS cycle don't appear to suffer from secondary hypogonadism anyway (in other words less harm is caused to the hypothalamus and pituitary on low doses). LH and FSH levels typically return to baseline quite rapidly for most guys who haven't harmed that part of the axis.

Meanwhile you can use potent antioxidants and/or AIs to either (a) neuter free radicals or (b) inhibit the build up of oestrogens that lead to the oxidative cascade that's implicated in the causation of primary hypogonadism during a cycle. Whether this is an issue on SARMs is an issue for debate, partly because we have so little research on them, and because they don't directly cause E2 build-up (directly being the key word, because like with winstrol or other supposedly non-aromatisable AAS, they may indirectly do so).

Therefore it's hard to see what utility most PCT drugs have on your average androgen cycle - be it SARMs or 'normal' AAS (and frankly since SARMs are AAS the distinction is ridiculous and mostly a marketing scam).

Many will say "ah, but I had my test levels taken after my PCT and it showed I'd recovered," and I will say (a) you have no idea whether you would simply have recovered anyway, with or without PCT (because if you want to trade anecdotes, this is what I've found repeatedly over the years with hundreds of guys), and (b) have a blood test in a few weeks, and watch your levels crash again.

And if you thus need to use SERMs or AIs continuously post-cycle in order to maintain normal levels of LH/FSH or test after a cycle (because otherwise levels drop again), then clearly that is not recovery and the term PCT is meaningless.

As for tapering, I say it not particularly because of recovery of the HPTA. Even with abysmally low levels of androgens, you can hold on to plenty of muscle. The point about tapering is to enable the body to adjust to a less anabolic environment without the shock of going cold-turkey. Homeostatic physiological systems take a while to kick into a new equilibrium, so tapering buffers the shock a little. Because it is the change that leads to muscle loss, in exactly the same way as it can cause our desired muscle gains.


Kindly written by CFC..

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