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Help me choose a power rack

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I'm new to here.


I have been working out for 3 months and decided to upgrade my squat rack to a power cage, preferably with a pulley.


I have come across these two, and hope you guys could help me make the decision.


Adidas power cage from No. 1 fitness



Marcy cage from Elite Fitness



Thank you in advance for your help.



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Hey Renever, welcome to Gymnation!


We had someone else ask a similar question recently. The feedback was that these Powerfit racks are worth the extra coin, and better than the No1Fitness gear (although I'm not sure what models people were referring to here).



On 14/04/2017 at 4:58 PM, Renever12 said:

I'm not a heavy lifter at all.  My goal is to reduce body fat percentage and improve strength.

Even so, I'd still go for the more robust model every time. You may not be a heavy lifter now, but if you're wanting to get stronger, you will be soon.


I always think it's better to invest in something that you won't grow out of. Those things generally hold their value better too, should you ever decide to sell them later. (That's advice for life, not just squat racks!)

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Hey, I have my own home gym. Spent a lot of money on it so far and have spent considerable time getting to know the why's and wherefores of all the different brands across numerous different pieces of kit. As a result, I would consider myself to be abit of an expert on home gym equipment here in NZ. My first bit of advice would be not to get anything with a pulley - not in terms of as part of a squat rack anyway (appreciate that if space/money or both are limited it can be tempting to try and kill a few birds with one stone), but really they won't be any good and you will be sacrificing quality on (what I presume is the most important aspect) which is the power rack quality. I have taken the slow and steady approach to getting my kit which has been difficult (who wants to save and wait right?) but ultimately I have found this approach worth it. The question would be why are you upgrading from a squat rack to a power rack? Why not put the money towards a decent lat pulldown machine? As an aside, this is the only decent one I can find (and I have looked ALOT...expensive but looks pretty good).




In terms of weight that they can handle. Don't be fooled - a rack may say that it can handle (insert kg amount here) but that would be weight resting on the spotter arms, which is very different from you squatting and dropping said kg amount on them from a height! I don't have a particular view on the Force USA stuff currently (though am expecting a Force USA calf raise machine and sissy squat machine from oz next week), so will have a bit more view on their product quality then. Would stay away from the others that you have highlighted though. If it were me (and presuming your budget is somewhere between $500 - $1000) and you want it sooner rather than later, I would go for either the K1 or K2 from Elite fitness as I think they are probably the best value for the money. FYI, I am also thinking of possibly upgrading from a squat rack and having done a lot of hunting around, I am still not quite sure but think I might go for a impulse (IFPC) power cage from elite fitness. Apparently, if I wait until they need to fill some space on a container, they might be able to do this for $1100 instead of the $1600 (give or take) that it would otherwise cost. One other detail (which most power racks fail on from my perspective, the impulse doesn't, the K1 and K2 do,) is where the supporting horizontal bar is on the floor. Sounds stupid but most have this directly below where you lift the bar off the j hooks. The issue with this? You'll be standing on this to put the bar on/off, hardly ideal when you your knackered after a set with legs wobbling (who wants to have to avoid tripping over something?). Small detail I know but these things do make the difference. Anyway appreciate that everyone has their own constraints namely space and budget when it comes to home gyms but hopefully something in the above is useful. Happy to answer any questions you may have. 


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