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Win a box of protein brownies!

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Yeh mate got to have some luck, that was the second Bayard to get the chop. Antibiotics for 10 days, thought I'd have a wee train after not going for a couple of weeks due to it all and popped the addicted in my leg!

Slowly coming right, bring on the comfort food!!

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@Pseudonym if this competition comes round again i would like to win it! Here is why i think i would deserve to win it. : i deserve to win this so that i can pass it on or have it sent directly to @Daz69. Daz has been extremely helpful in this forum giving everyone solid factual advice. Daz has helped me tremendously, educated me to ask certain questions and got to the bottom of whats wrong with me when a gp who had been seeing me for 6+ months couldnt! Ive been reading every thread he comments on and always gives good advice and backs it with medical literature. So thats why i would like to win it. To give it to someone for recognition for assistance! I dont know Daz and imagine ill never get to meet so hoping that this in some way makes it worthwhile for him. Cheers @Daz69 for everything mate! Cant thank you enough

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