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Powerfit Rack

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On 3/28/2017 at 10:09 PM, Chocofish said:

Hi everyone


I'm just shopping around for a power rack and was wondering if anyone owns a Powerfit Rack and  could tell me if they're any good?


I was looking at the lat pull down attachment too.



Looks like a good rack mate.


Alot better than those no1fitness ones anyways which I have. 


I am familiar with the guy that sells though powerfit  (hes an IPF lifter and I think VP of WBOP NZPF) so likely to be good, strong, robust equipment. 




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Thanks for the reply. That's reassuring to hear.


When it comes to cable pulley machines I've only tried a high/low squat pulley machine


What are your guys thoughts on the lat station inside the rack, I've read that the rack ones you don't get enough of a stretch and they get in the way of anything standing with putting the bar over your head. Now I could understand on a smaller home racks as they are shorter, is that generally the same with full racks like this? I suppose it's dependent on how tall you are, I'm 5.7 foot.



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