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Anyone recommend a Leg Press / Hack Squat for home gym?

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Hi all,


I've been putting together a home gym bit by bit for the last few years and so have slowly been ticking off pieces of equipment. Anyway, now got to the point where I am wanting a leg press/hack squat combo machine. I had my eye on the Body Solid machine from Elite Fitness but they have just put that up by $500 so am now thinking/seeing if there are many good alternatives. The only one really i can find is the ForceUSA from No 1 fitness. Unfortunately I don't live in Auckland or CChurch so haven't been able to see it in the flesh. Does any one have any experience/view of this machine? Might sound stupid (but I haven't been able to tell from photos or videos on the internet), but from a safety perspective i want to ensure that to engage it you have to push up significantly after 'locking out'(as in it has a hook type end). i noticed that the cheaper machines do not and the 'lock out bars' are flat. This means that in theory you could easily engage the weight without meaning to especially when tired. The impact being that you suffer a serious crush injury (sorry for the poor description it really is quite difficult to describe!). Anyway, any thoughts on this or alternatives greatly welcomed.


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