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Scorpion WPI issue?

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Picked up 2kg of scorpions WPI in vanilla flavor for about $90 delivered which was good value in my opinion. I did have an issue that I thought that I would ask about on here before going back to them as I'm not a routine WPi consumer and perhaps my issue is totally normal.


The issue:

When I put a single 30g scoop in 300ml of water and give it a decent mix, there are a handful of clumps that don't mix. I know that WPI is known for its mixability and have had a tub of Horleys Ice a few years back which was perfect. The clumps are sticky and have a texture of gum, identical to the clumps I used to get from waxy-maize and dextrose. They get stuck in my teeth and taste very sweet.


Whats going on here?

This is my first time using Scorpion and from what I've heard they have good quality products. I don't want to bag on the company but it doesn't seems right. Could this WPI be perfectly fine and pure, or these clumps added filler / carbs? 



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On 07/02/2017 at 2:48 PM, Terrymundo said:

I know that WPI is known for its mixability

Is it? Not sure about that. I think (@jimmybro1, correct me if I'm wrong) it just depends whether the product has been instantised or not.


Basically, there are different grades of WPI, and some will mix easier than others. Either way, it's not an indication of the quality of protein. Also, being hard to mix doesn't necessarily mean it's full of filler - probably quite the opposite, in fact.

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If the lumps are very sweet it's not going to be a lump of pure isolate. And if it's not instantised then they shouldn't be selling it for making shakes from. Not saying it's a filler, but sounds like it's a lump containing a higher than normal proportion of sweetener/flavour.


Instantising has nothing to do with the grade of the WPI as such, and is essentially an emulsifying additive which is applied homogeneously to the protein powder to alter the hydrophobic properties of the powder. Basically when the protein powder is added to water or milk and gets wet it forms an impervious layer on the outside of lumps that prevents what's inside from dissolving. Instantising aims to address this by altering some or all of the following characteristics of the powder; the wettability, solubility, sinkability, and dispersability.


If his protein wasn't instantised then it would be full of lumps, not 'a handful'. I've used non instantised proteins before and using a blender and being careful to add the powder slowly into the centre of the blender is pretty much essential or it will stick to the sides.


It's not rocket science.

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Was it lumpy in the bag also? 


The sweetness wasn't typical for that WPI? 


The powder properties affect the solubility or wet ability of  powders. These properties coming about from the nature the spray nozzles and orientated, type of nozzles, temperature of the dryer and the residence time in the spray dryer.  


If they are having issues with fouling in the dryer you get particles sticking together reducing the surface area available for water contact. Also if dryer temperatures or outlet humidity are to high the particle size will also be larger. 


Instantiating is  typically using soy lecithin does what PETN states by making the outer surface of the particles hydrophilic  making it less hydrophobic in polar fluids. This isn't that common with proteins I don't think. At least I haven't built any dryers with lecithin typically for IF dryers.  

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