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Progress and low testosterone

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Thanks @maccaz i was sceptical at best but a bit of wishful thinking on my part to see if it could be help without submitting to trt as a last resort. Purely because i want to compete again as i had done previously all natty. @Daz69 been amazing with advice and knowledge. It would seem my hands are tied. If i go on trt or just say stuff it ill go hardcore ug mental it still means the end of my goal to compete natural with clear conscience so am gutted as im the kind of person who like to achieve goals. So much for eating my carrots and spinach.... lol

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On 08/03/2017 at 10:13 PM, Pseudonym said:

Well, at least you have a conclusive result showing whether test boosters work or not! There's no "maybe" about this one! :-D


What OTC products did you try?

Update : i decided to ask the PF guys some questions as to little success in trialling their product and received a very short response saying i would need to be on it 8-12weeks straight to see an increase in result. I replied and said that had been on the test booster 4weeks fair enough , then questioned why no result from the anabolic booster as a recommended 'stack' with a 12 day on cycle with their clinical representation of doubling/tripling your natural T by day 12, or should i ignore the instructions and be on that for 8weeks straight as well? Week later no reply

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