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Hello, I'd like to talk to people about steroids for an article!

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Agreed. I think that presents a rational, balanced look at the use of steroids in our society. It doesn't stoop to scare-mongering and hysteria, but at the same time it talks to doctors and discusses the risks. It's certainly refreshing to see an article that portrays gym junkies as intelligent people who've taken a calculated risk, rather than as gung ho teenagers who are pinning themselves with everything they can find. (Not to say the latter don't also exist, of course!)


Thanks for a good article, @MavaE - I hope our contributions here helped you! Let us know what sort of response this gets from gym goers and non-gym goers.

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8 hours ago, PETN said:

This is basically what is implied by the article:



So probably mostly accurate lol. That's part 1 of 2 btw

Honestly LOL. What the f*ck did i just watch... lmao

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