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Actually going gym etc.

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Packed my bag this morning with gym gear, because I actually want to go to the gym again on a regular basis. After I finished my lecture at 5pm, I was inclined to just walk back home and "just go tommorow" as I usually tell myself. Then I remembered I was reading Ayn Rands 'Atlas Shrugged' that im reading recently, and remembered the main characters, like Hank Rearden who said that pain was not an excuse for stopping, and Dagny Taggart who just wants to keep working hard to achieve her goals and never stops to be lazy. I decided to take the 15 min walk to unipol, which wasnt even bad. Why did I even keep putting it off?


Incline Dumbell Press

24kg x 8, 10, 8

28kg x 5


Machine Rows

35kg (each hand) x 12, 12, 10, 8


Machine Flies

3 x 8


Lat pulldowns

55kg x 8, 8, 6


Tricep pushdowns

3 x 8


EZ bar curls

4 x 6 (heavy but good form)


Rear delt flies

15, 10, 3 etc.


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