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Banned substances in supps, Nov 2016 edition

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A couple of days ago, the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority warned of another bunch of supplements that contain prohibited substances...




This substance is a Beta-2 Agonist (which allow the lungs to take in more oxygen) and is banned both in and out of competition. Higenamine is typically described as a ‘natural’ extract or by-product and also goes by the following names:

  • Demethylcoclaurine
  • Norcoclaurine
  • Tinospora crispa

The following supplements are advertised as containing Higenamine:

  • OxyShred
  • Jack3d
  • Alpha T2
  • PES Amphamine Advanced



DMBA, or 1,3-dimethylbutylamine, is classed as an S6 stimulant on the Prohibited List and is banned in-competition.

The substance is also known by many other names including:

  • 1,3-dimethylbutylamine
  • Amperall
  • AMP Citrate
  • Butylamine, 1,3-dimethyl-
  • 2-amino-4-methylpentane
  • 2-Pentanamine
  • 4-methyl-, 4-methylpentan-2-amine

The following supplements are advertised as containing DMBA:

  • APN Intense
  • LGI Fully Loaded Amplified
  • Hybrid Performance Nutrition PreAMP
  • Prime Nutrition PWO/STIM


More info here:




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Who takes this rubbish ? 


Some supplement reasearcher somewhere banging a few molecules together and altering methyl groups to get perviously banned supplement back in their products.


Do people not consider the impact these synthetic ingredients with lack of research influence there body. It probably wouldn't be to much of an issue as a once off but people that use these pre workout products are  religious about using them. 


Im assuming these ingredients are used it Pre workout and "fat burning" products 

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On 11/13/2016 at 11:39 PM, Pseudonym said:

Probably the same people who then swear that aspartame is pure poison, and that Subway bread contains yoga mats. :-D


I love me 3 pepper chicken on foot long yoga mats, with a 300ml coke zero  - yum #dailydoseofpoison


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And they wonder why folks go through the trouble of finding UGL's. These supps get the the 'good' stuff taken out and left with little else but fillers it seems lol so you end up forking over a couple hunnit for supps that are legal in a pretty colored box or container thats less effective than baby powder at premium price. Might have to try an eca stack one day!


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