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Gym facility feedback East Auckland

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Hi Guys,


im new to the botany area found this site and seeking some wisdom please hahaha

im 33 was a competitive bodybuilder in my younger twenties did a couple shows but as an all natural competitor I didn't stack up well against guys when were gearing, but I did get one first place,two seconds and one third place,other shows I wasn't a mass monster but was 122kg on a 6ft2 frame at around 7% so I feel good about that after a few years of dedicated training and strict eating. Now that there's a bit of history and you may have an idea what I'm after out of gym,I'm 33 now and want you get back into it maybe train for over 40's to compete again as miss it. So I've visited a jetts but wasn't sure it was well set up enough,good for cross fit general building but I'm used to heavier weights than they have,not ego lifting I'm just strong,I would rather lift a lighter weight with proper form than try impress someone by cheating up a weight I can't handle. Next to visit would be anytime fitness and muscle and fitness in the area, so my question is of the members here are any at those gym? Or can recommend others? I am googling at the moment. Thanks in advance for any comments! Will give back to the community when I'm able to be of use lol cheers :)

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