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I Declare War

My workout notes

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Back, Biceps, and Hamstrings


AM workout - 40 minutes approx.


Lat Pulldowns

Spent about 30 minutes here. Light weight at first stretching out tightness in the muscles. Tightness in muscle near spine by the lower left side scapula. I need to stretch this out more.

Went up to full stack for a few reps, and did a big drop set from there.


D-Handle Pulldowns

Eased into it with a few lighter high rep sets to feel it out and then I did a few sets of 10, really stretching out the back and concentrating on feeling the muscle the whole way through the negative.


Next similar workout I will start with close grip D-Handle pulldowns, and then do Lat Pulldowns from shoulder width grip to wide grip.


PM workout thoughts

This afternoon I will do seated rows, dumb-bell rows, EZ-Bar Curls, maybe hamstrings, and maybe shrugs.



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Just completed today's second workout. Did Seated Rows up to full stack and then superset EZ-Bar Curls with Shrugs. Was a bit lazy that I didn't do dumb-bell rows, but I'll make up for it early next week when I do this workout again. Skipped Hamstrings... they need some time to grow.

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- Thursday was off.

- Did Chest, Shoulders, Triceps on Friday. 2 workouts AM and PM. Shrugs up to 6 plates per side - traps getting big!

- Legs yesterday. Good strong workout.


Today is Back, Biceps and Hamstrings

AM Back Workout - 60 minutes

Started with Close Grip D-Handle Pulldowns. Finished with this last week, so mixing things up.

Took a while to warm up into it. At first I was getting the feeling that it would be a weak workout... but damn was I wrong. Warmed up with a few high rep sets, then up 2 plates on the stack per set until full stack. I got 3 great full reps at full stack (145kg), paused on upper chest. From there I went back down the stack one plate at a time and reps steadily increased as I could do more. Man I feel like I really killed this exercise today. Never been so strong on Close Grip Pulldowns before. I was on this one exercise for a total of 40 minutes.


Second exercise was DB Rows. I just spent 20 minutes alternating sides with 1 minute rest periods.


PM Workout

Not sure what I'll do tonight. Biceps, maybe hamstrings, maybe shrugs



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Currently working out 2x a day, 6 days a week. Pretty full on!


Here's my split currently:


1: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, Traps

2: Quads

3: Back, Hamstrings, Biceps

4: Rest

Whenever ready to go heavy I throw in:

0: Deadlift Day, Glutes, Lower Back


I do abs and calves at home most mornings also.


Tomorrow is Deadlift Day!!!! Amped. Got a good feeling about it because strength is going up!



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3 hours ago, Terrymundo said:

12 training sessions a week!! Yikes.

I feel burnt out jyst thinking about it.

All the best brah


Cheers! It's only for 4 weeks... I'm looking forward to getting on that plane next week!



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Decided against deadlift day today. Yesterday it became clear to me that I had seriously under-appreciated the amount of training fatigue I had accumulated. My entire back and shoulders were very tight and felt like they had endured a beating. Not ready for deadlifts today was the verdict.


Decided to do a Quads training session instead! Legs being the only part of me not protesting against a workout.


One exercise only - 45 Degree Leg Press

Did a massive pyramid up to 14 x 20kg plates per side. Very close to throwing up on the top sets!


Each set I added a plate to each side. On the way up I did one set of 10 to 15 reps with a narrow/regular stance, followed by 10 to 15 reps with wide stance and toes pointed out. Narrow first to warm up with the weight. All reps down to the stops.


To save the hips I canned the wide stance at 11 x 20kg plates per side... and carried on doing only narrow stance from there.


On the way down I just did narrow/regular stance.


Sweaty, mad, nauseating workout... why do I put myself through this??!? :)



I'll still do deadlifts this week. Currently thinking tomorrow is Chest, Shoulders, Triceps... and then the next day will be deadlifts instead of my usual Quads workout. Yay.

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AM - Shoulders

Standing Military Presses (with some leg drive). Pyramid up to 120kg

Did some raises after this but was just light stuff as I was gassed.


PM - Chest and Triceps

Flat Bench Press. Pyramid up to 170kg

Incline Presses. Pyramid up to 140kg

Close-Grip Presses. Pyramid up to 140kg

Dips. 3 sets

Pec Deck. 3 sets, just slow and not heavy

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Deadlifts and back was the plan.



70kg 3, 6

110kg 3, 6

150kg 3, 6

190kg 2, 4

230kg 1, 2

270kg 0.3! Broke off the floor like it was nothing and just as I was nearing my knees I felt something ping in my hamstrings on the right side. The leg shook a little just with the ping so I quickly dropped it. BUGGER! I was hoping to try 300kg today. Hope this heals quickly. I dropped down to 230kg again and did a rep but I didn't have much drive through the hamstrings... dropped down to 190kg and that felt OK... so I did that.

190kg 27 reps dead stop, 5 seconds between reps.

150kg 8, 4 (feeling the form out).


Was going to do more but decided to go home for a meal. A bit of numb pain walking up stairs in the damaged hamstring, but not much... should be okay in a couple of weeks.


Maybe another session later on tonight.




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I think I'll be ok! Cheers. Yeah, if it was something more serious I could have made it much worse by pushing through with that high rep set. It felt good so I just kept going... it was a bit of a gamble.


Went back for a second session. Did Shrugs, Biceps, and some pulldowns.

BB Shrugs. Pyramid up to 280kg.

EZ-Bar Curls. 60kg 12, 70kg 5

Pulldowns. Only light this time stretching things out.

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Thanks Pseu., just a little sore today but no bruising. Can push on the muscle at the spot and feel exactly where the damage is. I think it will be fine - I don't intend on deadlifting for about the next three weeks so it has plenty of time to heal up. Still one more leg workout before the trip so I'll need to be careful to work around it... sure don't want to be hobbling around during the holiday. :)



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Hamstring feels pretty good today, can feel it a little bit if I jump onto a bench but otherwise fine.


Chest and triceps last night


Incline Bench

Pyramid peaking at 140kg


Flat Bench Narrow Grip

160kg three sets of 4. Forgot to bring wrist wraps so couldb't do the usual 4" (more like 6" sorry - edited) distance between hands close grip, this was about 8" grip width.



3 sets to failure


Pec Deck

Pyramid peaking at full stack (143kg). Slow and controlled.


Skipped shoulders will do them on Wednesday, the day before I fly outta here.



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Good question. With wrist wraps I feel I can hit the triceps best with this grip width. 


I'm doing them like Levrone does here starting at 3:00 minutes. Probably closer to 6" would be my grip actually... my mistake.



I had the same thoughts as you before I started doing it like this regularly. Got to remember the wraps though... tried without once, didn't work well.

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Yeah I use wraps on closegrip now too and probably was 6" before but I bought it out maybe an inch or 1.5" wider as didn't seem like much benefits going so close and lots of negatives if you're bringing bar down to chest as it creates fucked up angles for joints

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