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Bicep tendon tear surgery

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Hi guys


just curious if anyone has gone through and had surgery on a tear/partial tear on the long head bicep tendon in the shoulder?


if you have how was recovery/down time


i recently had surgery for a torn labrum in the shoulder, but my shoulder is still giving me grief (both are actually now :( ). During surgery the surgeon tidied up the tendon as it had freyed a little but tendon was still fully attached and strong.


anyone had similar problems?

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Sorry to hear that, mate.


A friend of mine had shoulder surgery done a while back. But his was to stop his shoulders dislocating at inconvenient moments. I'm not sure what tendons that involved, but I can find out if you like?


FWIW, he's still trying to rehab it nearly 12 months later. So these things certainly take a while to heal.

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