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1st comp learnings and road to the nationals

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On 7/12/2016 at 8:29 PM, trainlikeafreak said:

Lookig awesome man, what show are you doing?

Thanks bro....won the spot at the Pro Am for novice under 100 kg so competing at the nationals in Welly 


Thanks @Pseudonym appreciate the support as always 

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Its been a mish lately with Mrs Beef n eggs prepping so I have to drop her at the gym to do an hour on the stepper while I look after the minions then go in for my training and then head off to work then swap over with her after work in the car park and cook her meals for the next day plus mine so she stays on track with her eating ( she slipped a bit so I had to kick her ass ) That said, shes still leaner and harder than any chick Ive seen doing her first show.


I digress.


Recently switched my aids around so have lost a few water kilos and hardened up a bit. 


Cardio 45-60 mins a day and weights 6 days a week . Finally realised now I need straps , knee sleeves or wraps and a belt as my lifts or progress seem to be slightly hindered by not having them .


Currently ended the week at just over 104 kg with 11 to go...re feed day today and rather than clean carbs like last time I mixed them up a bit . First meal was 400ml egg whites, 1 banana , 100 grams oats and made them into pancakes , added a tablespoon of Nutella and sugar free syrup and smashed that post training. Next meal was a foot long chicken breast sub with bacon and avacado and 5 cookies , next meal was 150 grams white rice ground into powder added water and made a sort of porridge and added peanut butter and 2 x scoops of casien powder , next meal was the sub meal again with cookies, next meal was a shake consisting of 50 grams of protein and something which alludes me right now. Meal after was with the kids for their monthly treat meal at Mcd's. Smashed 2 cheeseburgers and Chicken burger chips and a Angus burger and coke. Ill eat some more before bed and Ill be back to no carbs , veges and high protein to  kill back tomorrow and legs Sunday 


Current condition.........................forgive the bikini in the back ground its Mrs Beef n Eggs ( honestly :) )





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Another week down, had some hiccups with Mrs Beef n eggs prepping and taking time off , running round doing stuff for her so currently hoping to be 103 tomorrow . Post cheat day went from 104.8 to 108.8, today 104.5 .

10 weeks to go and Im probably freaking out too much and over thinking things - was pretty happy with the gym lights yesterday as they made me look full and hard - when I feel flat and small :). Sometimes as you know its a straight mind f*ck as you feel nothing has changed 


Still strong week 3 this week of my supplement regime - seems to be kicking in now which is good.

Heres to a good week - cheat day tomorrow - Bliss 

10 out.PNG

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Sorry peeps , had to pull out at about 7 weeks out . Mainly because myself and my mrs were competing and the cost was gonna kill us financially - at that time.


After we decided to pull out I got a better paying job and moved up to Auckland. 


Decided that in order to bring a serious package - Ill add some lean mass and try to hit the stage at 105-110.


Watch this space - because NZ BB needs a new mass monster :)

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