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10 hours ago, tomleegolf said:

Good luck for meet prep. What's your previous 1RMs bro?

Thanks man. I'm not sure I haven't done 1RMs and I've never maxed out doing paused banch. But I did 140x5 touch n go before I injured my delt a few years ago so my bench is stronger than it was then. Squats most I did was 180x8-10 then a fatigued 200k x4 but in knee wraps and knee wraps help so much. Deads I've done 220x3-5 with straps. So I believe I'm the strongest I've ever been at the moment and I'm getting stronger fast as it's the first time ever I have actually focussed on strength

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(belt no straps)






bb rows from the floor strict no belt for bigger rom

sets of 2pl and 3pls for 8-10 reps


seated rows, lat pull downs, db pull overs and straight arm pull downs. Boring but it works. Bw was 120 flat with shoes on mid session, so it's dropping.



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Bench and chest


all presses involved Comp calls





145x2 x4 sets


then did 3x10 on 100kg with feet on the bench and a flat back.


incline flys about 6 sets with pausing at the bottom for 6-10 reps


4 sets flat db fly with pausing and squeezing for sets of 10


trying to be nice to my delts with what I do after benching.


trained 5 hours ago and every time my arm crosses my body my chest cramps lol.


bw just under 120kg so weight is coming down. 2 weeks to go! Really Enjoying this

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Currently under the weather so brought squats forward to today as I think I'll be worse tomorrow.


squats - belt and sleeves




220x2 (pb)

220x 1, failed second rep lol

180x2 x3 sets 


lying leg curl 4x 10-12


bb Romanians 4x 10 light and squeeze


just wanted to get trough squats and did just that

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I've been pretty sick since Saturday, haven't trained or worked until today. Could have put it off till tomorrow but that would have meant doing deads, bench then squats one day after another.





230x FAIL





felt WAY HEAVIER than they should. My

body just feels smashed in truth and I'm hoping I can recover in time for benching on Friday.


bb rows

100k x8x2


lat pull downs



lat pull down underhand grip



standing calf raises



obviously purposely took it easy on the rest of my working after deadlifts. Felt like shit and worst session in ages. Oh well still hit the numbers kind of I guess. Friday will be better

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Still sick.. but have to get it done with the new next sat


bench (comp calls)




170xfail.. damn, close though thought I had it. Going by last weeks 165 if I was feeling 100% I reckon I have it.

150x2 x3 sets


incline fly

27kg x8 x3 sets


incline bb using extremely fat bar just cause. It also wobbles.

1pps x10 x 3 or 4 sets


flat db fly

17kg x10 with long pauses at the bottom for 3 sets


just took it super easy after bench.. really need to get back to 100% asap. Squat singles tomorrow 

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180x 1

200x 1

220x 1, 3 sets

200x 2

180x 2

focussing on trying to sink my reps but still need to get deeper. I think my issue is my stance is quite close and quad dominant. 


Hamstring curls

6 or so sets of 10-15 with short rests


just did what was needed to be done today

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28 minutes ago, gazza said:

That's difference mate, doing what needs to be done even when we don't want to.

Yeah bro absolutely. I've been pretty sick this past week so just trying to hit my numbers and then not over exert with the rest of the session as recovery is priority at the moment. Frustrating but smartest approach for me at this point

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23 hours ago, maccaz said:

are you in flat shoes or heels?

your squat style might want heels (practice with a 1.25kg under your heels first to see

I wear flats cause of always worn flats. I know it would probably be easier especially for depth to wear heels but not gonna change this close. I used to do a lot of elevated front squats back in the day. Plus I like the feeling of training legs in flats lol. Might try heels when I get back from holiday though.


been told to wear a soft suit or skins on sat so they can see my depth as it's hard in shorts especially cause I have a fair bit of upper leg development. Fml I can wear bodybuilding trunks on stage and feel fine but the thought of squatting in skins makes me feel uncomfortable lmao.

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Bench and delts today. De loading for sat so it's pretty boring but oh well


bench press with comp pause

120x 5, 4 sets

easy as just like it should be lol. 


Seated db press, side raises, rear delt fly, standing btn press and rope push downs. Pump pump pump 

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Another boring de load session





obviously easy. Just trying to get technique right for when it's heavy.


followed by pull downs, single arm cable rows on the seated row, db pull overs, seated rows, calf raises, kneeling cable crunches. Good pump and wanted to give my lower back a rest as it's a bit tight.

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Had my comp yesterday and loved it. Weighed in 119.4kg


squats (belt and knee sleeves)




all three white lights, probably had a bit more in me but happy nonetheless 



150kg 3 whites

165kg 3 whites

170kg failed

in hindsight I should have done 167.5 but I really wanted to try 170 lol, oh well



220 3 whites

235 3 whites 

240 3 whites 

secobd attempt was meant to be 230 but got advised to do 235 based off how easy it looked lol.


so a 635kg raw total. I'm happy and I got the numbers I wanted, I'll definitely do another comp in the future as I get bored in the off season and it's a good way to get stronger on important stuff which will of course increase growth which is the point of off season.

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