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Hey guys I posted the other day about finding some cheap protein and have gotten a quote from Davis Trading for the ALACEN 450 WHEY PROTEIN CONCENTRATE INSTANT which is 79% protein and unflavored. I have attached the nutrition information if anyone wants that as well. It only comes in 20 kg sacks so i am looking for some keen people in Christchurch that want some of the remaining 9 kg. I will be charging $70 for 3 kg . If you are keen let me know.


Also if this post is outside the site guidelines please delete it.




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1 hour ago, Clueless said:

Damn would of been keen as a few weeks ago. Just started using in baking (Keto cant use flour) would of been perfect. Got 2+ kg to use up first

Damn. Well if you still need some hit me up sometime.  :)

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15 minutes ago, Skeletor said:

How much is it for 20kg sack


Unsure if its still similar but in 2010 was $425 incl delivery to dunedin. Under $400 for pick-up in chch. Wouldn't be surprised if it was a bit more expensive now though.

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