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Some progress pictures and advice wanted

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Thought i should give this a little update! Thanks so much to the team at Gym Nation and NZ Muscle for my voucher. As a student i couldn't be more grateful for some free protein powder! :)

Had a few setbacks lately. Exam study/stress kicked my workouts to the curb somewhat, and then i had to deal with a back injury too which was super frustrating. I'm normally always so careful with my back and shoulder, knowing that i have previous injuries but i got slack and paid the price. Now back on track as far as exercise and food. I have always said that i'm in this for the long term, rather than short term results. It's inevitable that i would have setbacks, just got to keep going. My trainer is about to head to the US for cross fit so i haven't been able to get her to help me with a new plan but i'm going to have a go at coming up with something by myself. I like to mix it up every few weeks, and keep challenging myself. I am also very much a routine person so i like to have my workouts planned, and pinned on the wall in my office/gym so i know exactly what i'm doing.

People are always surprised when i say i workout at home, and question how i stay motivated. I find it quite easy when i have the house to myself during the day to get it done. I'm more anxious/self-conscious when there are other people around. Don't feel like i can push myself 100%


A couple of new pics




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