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acute lower back pain/spasm

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Posted details in my journal but basically today during my warmup squats I squatted 70kg, felt a 10/10 pain, maanaged to rerack, and had to spend a long time hunched over perfectly still holding the rack for balance.


been in bed all day since, and if i move at all it triggers a spasm that causes my glutes, lower back and abs to tense suddenly for 10-30 seconds, this is excrutiating.


doctor came and said it doesnt appear to be a spinal issue looks like SI joint or somewhere around there has some severe muscular injury. 


right now im lying perfectly still and have been taking tramadol, voltaren, and valium. still very uncomfortable.


is there anything i can do to speed up the process to be able to get out of bed? currently cant even sit up and am reluctantto even gently adjust my position in case it triggers a spasm.



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never tried naproxen but heard good things lol.


today im just on voltaren (the pharmacist only one) and not that many. much better than yesterday.

until last night i was having 5mg valiums and 1x 50mg tramadol each day, + codeine and voltaren.


dont like to think how i would have gone without painkillers yesterday and friday, would rather be in a coma srs


much better today been able to walk around a bit

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