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maccaz 2018 prep log

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picking up this journal again, as it keeps me accountable better than just writing my training in an app on my phone. so i did a deadlift comp last year and pulled 280kg, after that being a new parent etc took priority (as it should) and work got really crazy, and i more or less burnt out towards the end of the year, training was bottom of my list of priorities. 

have had the odd crack at getting back into it since, but pretty half assed. now with this coronavirus shit and being stuck working from home for the time being I figured most of my excuses (time, travel, etc) for not training are gone now so im feeling pretty positive about getting back into it. Currently a fat, weak,  natty 118kg. Tidied up diet a fair bit lately and have just sorted some home gym gear to train properly


TLDR, wasn't training for ages, had a baby, worked too much,  now i am training again

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moving squat rack, plates, bench etc out of mates gym that isn't allowed customers due to corona virus, and into my garage



100kg 10x10



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