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The Program - Lance Armstrong biopic

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Bit a both for sure, some serious Oprah shit. The vibe in cycling circles is that this was made for all the LA fans to help them understand that in that era there was not much of a choice, (using peds) if you wanted to race in europe. Funny thing is that everyone in europe from top to bottom, I'm talking even mom's and dad's have known whats been going on since day one. The mericans get involved in the sport and thats when people start asking questions and the cat got let out of the bag.


The real story here is the actor Ben Foster took peds for the role. Imagine going to your GP and telling him you need to get juiced for a role, then getting the script to make it happen, only in merica. To bad they make you jump through hoops out here for those that suffer from low T levels that actually need the therapy.


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