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Rest day!! Movies, hair cuts and lunch out with the wifey and kids.

Working tonight, should be interesting.

Had itchy feet since I got home, fighting the urge to go to the gym but the old body needs a rest.

Back at it on Manic Monday.




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Well after 3 supposed rest days Monday night was business as usual. Back on full shifts after having some leave and random fill in shifts during the school holidays.

Changed things around a bit with my training, started at Day 1 with BACK.

Deadlift 1x15 @ 120kg this was an easy loosener

1x10 @ 140kg pretty easy too

2x8 @ 160kg for both sets. Cruised to 8 reps. Haven't done these for some months so erred on the side of caution, a bit too much probably but the body will tell me tomorrow. Right hamstring has been a bit tight recently and the vastus lateralis in my left leg is also playing up a bit.

Dumbell rows 3x10 @ 42kg, 44kg, 46kg nothing too strenuous here.

W/G pulldowns 4x8 @ 120, 140, 160, 160 bit more like it, 120 was far too light.

C/G cable row 3x8 @ 220 for all sets. swapping this out for the hammer strength seated row next session to see which one I like the best.

finished of with some side crunches and some heel touches for the flabs.

Good workout in the end, intensity was pretty good.

After 3 days off I was sitting at 91kg today.

Thanks for looking.


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Stuck with the same workout I've been doing as I feel this is doing the job at the moment.

Low incline bench 1x15 65kg, 3x6-8 80kg, 90kg, 90kg. This is in the Smith machine to negate the stability and balance differences in my right arm. It allows me to get a good even workout.

Incline flyes 3x10 28kg on all sets.

Single arm dumbell decline 3x8-10 36kg on all sets.

Low cable crossover 3x10 22.5 on all sets. Then a ladder set with the same weight and 4 changes in height.

Done and dusted.

Had a scoop of Shadow-X preworkout 30 minutes before training. Nice energy and a good pump.

Scoop of Just Protein SUPER PROTEIN immediately post workout.  

Use Mark15 at the checkout for 15% off your purchase.


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Legs before work last night.

Leg press 1x15 @ 240kg, 1x12 @ 260kg, 3x8-10 @ 360kg, 400kg, 410kg got 10 on the last set.

Single leg extensions 3x8-10 @ 130, 145, 145 1xdrop set 145-130-115 totalled 18 reps.

Standing leg curl 4x10 @ 60 on all sets.

Single leg stiff dead in the back extension 3x10 @ 20kg on all sets. Really going for a good slow squeeze. 

Toe press 3x15 @ 250 for all sets.

Seated/horizontal singlleg press 3x12 @ 110 for all sets. Did this with a high foot position, half my foot was over the top edge. Tried engage the hammys as much as possible. Nice pump to finish.

Off work tonight and tomorrow night, back on shift Saturday.

Tonight will be arms or shoulders with a side order of abs, just see how I'm feeling.

Thanks for looking. 

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So, went with shoulders and abs.

Seated machine press single arm 1x15 @ 20 3x10 @ 30 leftleft arm was sweet as and cruised but my right arm was really lagging. Just tried to focus on the working muscle and get a good squeeze.

Side lateral raise 2x10 @ 16kg 1xdrop 16-14-12 totalled 28 reps. 

Face pulls 3x10 52.5 on the stack for all sets. First time doing these will take bit of tweaking to get it right.

Rest delt machine single arm with a horizontal grip 3x10 110, 130, 145 went lighter on these with the change in grip and tries to keep it tight.

Leaning side raise 2x10  12kg 1xamrap 10kg for 20 reps.

Cable crunch 3x12 67.5 on the stack for all sets.

Inclined leg raise 3x15.

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Arms done and dusted.

Overhead extension 1x15 30kg 1x10 36kg 2x8 46kg

Single arm pushdowns 3x10 32.5 37.5 37.5

Overhead cable extension 3x10 52.5 57.5 57.5

Single arm over head extension 3x10 12kg the right arm was pathetic on these. Significantly weaker on all over head exercises.

Single push down with hammer grip across the body 3x12 17.5 going for a good squeeze and pump with this.

Standing hammer curl 4x10 20 22 22 22

Inclined dumbell curls 3x10 14kg

Time for a day off, may take 2 days off depending how I recover.

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Rest day today, body feeling pretty good. Working 8pm-4am tonight. If things are still feeling good after a sleep I'll head in and train back tomorrow. Chomping at the bit to train which is good, but rest is important.

With my current program things will be hit directly once every 6-7 days. Will look at changing back to a 4 on 2 off split at some point down the track.

JUST PROTEIN 25% off weekend sale. Use code weekend25 at the checkout!

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Wandered down to the gym and hit back before work.

Deads 1x15 120kg, 3x8 160kg, 170kg, 180kg

Dumbbell rows 3x10 46kg, 48kg, 50kg

Widegrip front pulldowns 4x8-10 140, 160, 160, 160 thinking about changing these back to single arm.

Hammer strength seated row 3x8 120kg, 120kg, 120kg going to do single arm on this next session.

Good session. Happy with deads after not doing them for so long.

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Got down the road and did chest and abs before work.

low incline bench 1x15 65kg, 3x6-8 80kg, 90kg, 90kg 6 reps on the last set, wouldn't have managed a 7th. Still benching in the smith machine.

incline flyes 3x10 28kg for all sets, got a good 10 on the last set, time to put the weight up.

single arm decline 3x8-10 36kg on all sets, right arm crashed and burned going for 9 on the last set.

low cable cross over 3x10 22.5 on the stack for all sets, good 10 on the last. Ladder set with 4 increases in cable height, 34 reps in total with 22.5. Time to put the weight up.

decline sit up with twists 3x15

side crunch 3x15 each side

Good workout, pump was really good. Pre workout doing its thing.

Rest day today due to kids sports and school production.

Leg day on Wednesday.

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Couple of nights off work, shoulders yesterday and 1 and 3/4 arms today.

Slowly making progress.


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Legs done before work last night.

Leg press 1x15 240kg, 1x12 260kg, 3x8-10 360kg, 400kg, 410kg

Single leg extension 3x10 130, 145, 145 1xdrop 145-130-115 18 reps total

Standing leg curl 4x10 60, 60, 60, 65

Single leg hammy extension 3x10 20kg, 20kg, 20kg.

Toe press 3x15 250, 250, 250

Single leg press 3x12 110, 130, 150


Hammy extension is on the 45 degree back extension, aiming for a good stretch and squeeze.

Single leg press is on the horizontal leg press, high foot placement and trying to drive more through my heels.

Good work out.

Work sucked balls.

Chest after I've had a sleep today with a side of abs. 

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Bucked the trend and trained chest in Sunday with a little bit of abs.

Low incline bench 1x15 65kg, 3x6-8 80kg, 90kg, 90kg

Incline flyes 3x10 28kg, 28kg, 30kg

Single arm declines 3x8-10 36kg, 36kg, 36kg

Low cable crossover 3x10 22.5, 22.5, 22.5 1xladder 22.5 4 height changes 35 reps in total 

Decline twisting sit ups 3x failure

Side crunch 3x15 alternating sides with no rest.

Good workout.

Managed an extra rep on the last set of bench press.

Increased weight on the last set if flyes, failed at 8 reps.

Easy 10 on the last set if crossover, totalled 35 reps on the ladder set. Will be increasing the weight on the last set and ladder set next session.

Loving the Shadow-X pre at the moment, had a great pump every time I've used it.

Monday was a rest day as we had things on.

No training today (Tuesday) as I've just finished night shift and have to look after a sick kiddy.

Wednesday will be back day.

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Back session. 

Deads 1x15 120kg, 3x6-8 160kg, 180kg, 185kg

Dumbell row 3x8-10 48kg, 50kg, 50kg

W/G pulldowns 4x8-10 140, 160, 160, 160

Seated rows 3x8 100kg, 120kg, 130kg

Deadlifts was good, wasn't in the mood today as I'm pretty knackered from work etc. First set was without straps, then added them for the bext 3. Managed 6 reps at 185kg and could definitely cranked it to 8, bit of a sook though.

Dumbell row was a good 10 on the last set but need to be a bit tighter on the right side.

Pulldowns failed going for 10 on the last set, up on the last session where I failed at 8 on the last.

Seated rows is on one of the hammer strength beasties that run each side independently and you load the plates on. Getting a good pull on this and trying for a good squeeze. 

Time to do the parental bit before heading for a 2000-0400 shift, woohoo  (yeah right)

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Arms and abs before work last night.

Overhead triceps extension 1x15 30kg, 1x10 36kg, 2x8 46kg, 46kg

One arm pushdowns 3x10 32.5, 37.5, 37.5

Overhead cable extension 3x8-10 52.5, 57.5, 57.5

One arm dumbell extension 3x10 12kg, 14kg, 14kg

One arm pushdowns across the body 3x12 17.5, 17.5, 17.5

Hammer curl across the body 4x8-10 20kg, 22kg, 22kg, 22kg

Incline curls 3x10 14kg, 14kg, 14kg

Cable crunch 5x12 62.5 on the stack for all sets.

Lots of variation on triceps, not all exercises are done with maximum weight. Really trying to concentrate on form and squeezing the muscle, especially on the single arm exercises.

The right arm is still significantly weaker in overhead exercises when done alone. The strength is up in it from last session but it still dies suddenly.

Legs before work tonight.

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Leg press 1x15 240kg, 1x12 260kg, 3x10 360kg, 400kg, 410kg

single leg extensions 3x10 145,145,145 1xdrop 145-130-115, 20 reps

seated single leg curl 4x10 90, 90, 90, 90

single leg hammy extension 3x10 20kg, 20kg, 20kg

toe press 3x15 250, 250, 250

single leg press 3x12 150, 150, 150

Hammy extension is done on the 45 degree back extension, trying to get a good stretch and squeeze.

Toe press is in one of those seated horizontal leg press machines, as is the single leg press. Single leg press is done fairly slow to get a good contraction.

Wasn't in the mood to train, spent 7 hours of an 8 hour shift doing restraints. Pretty knackered by 7am but had a shit sleep. Despite this it was a good workout, better control on leg press. Next leg session I'll be dropping leg press in favour of squats. Haven't done these in months so should be fun. 

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4 years difference from top left to bottom right.

Come a long way. More to come. Keep getting better.


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Shoulders and abs today

Seated single arm machine press 1x15 20, 3x10 30, 30, 40

Side lateral raise 2x10 16kg, 18kg 1xdrop 18-16-14 22 reps

Face pulls 4x10 52.5, 52.5, 57.5, 57.5

Single arm rear delt machine 3x10 160, 160, 160

Lying side raises 3x10 8kg, 8kg, 8kg

Weighted decline sit ups 3x max total of 39 reps

Leg raise 3x max total of 35 reps.

Good sesh, loving the face pulls don't know why I've never tried them.

Lying lateral raise was on the money, range of motion and strength was lacking on the right arm but it can only get better.

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