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Training ticking along, nothing too special though.

Legs before work tonight, got the call as I walked into the gym to start early so I changed things a little, no back squats as I really wasn't in the mood.

Front squat

1x15, 3x8

farmers squat

walk 10m, 10 reps, walk 10m, 10 reps, walk 10m, 10 reps, walk 10m.

the only thing greater than the urge to spew was the leg pump!

seated leg curl


stiff deads


done and dusted.

Nice wee session.

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Last night was delts and biceps

Seated press behind neck (smith machine)



Superman press


Side laterals


1xdrop with 3 decreases in weight.

Rear delt machine (single arm)




D/b curl



D/b preachers 


Good session, small improvements. Starting to see some good gains in my right shoulder after being butchered, especially in the rear delt.


Today was legs





Walking d/b lunges


Seated leg curl (single leg)


Stiff deads


Single leg extension 


Seated calf raise



Some days it's therapy, other days we should probably be in therapy for the things we do to ourselves!

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Still plugging away, managed to get through 4 days on the trot. Here's what they went like.......

day 1


machine press


3x8@ 85,95,95 hit 8 easily on all sets.

superman press 3x10@7,8,8

standing side laterals


1x drop @ 18-16-14 hit 28 total reps.

rear delt machine (single arm)

3x10@ 145,145,160 dead after 8 on the last set, did some partials.

b/b shrugs

3x8@ 160,180,190

leaning side raise

1x max reps @ 10kg didn't count just went until I couldn't anymore.

Standing d/b curl


2x8 @ 22,22

d/b preachers

3x10@ 14,16,16.

day 2






walking d/b lunge


single leg extension


single leg seated leg curl


stiff deads


seated calf raise


day 3


smith machine incline




incline flyes


machine flyes


single arm declines


cambered bar close bench


superset of: single arm overhead extension, single pushdown, kick backs 3 repeats of 10 reps with 90 seconds rest between sets.

day 4


b/b row



c/g pulldowns


d/b row


w/g behind neck pulldowns


c/g cable row


superset of weighted decline situp and inclined leg raise 3 repeats of 15 reps or failure.

cable woodchop



done and dusted time for 2 days off.

No deads at the moment in favour of barbell rows and shrugs on their respective days. Going to add them into my next program and drop squats in favour of leg press.

Been finding that doing both squats and deads in the same rotation and working permanent nights is a bit much.



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Training has been good, right up until I had to have a couple of wisdoms pulled. Still have one more to go which is going to require full sedation due it impacting on the nerve. This set for a weeks time so I can clear up the big infection in it.

Changed things around with my training program, which now goes like this........

day 1 arms and abs.

seated overhead extensions 1x15, 1x10, 3x6-8

standing cable extensions 3x8-10 using a rope and trying for a good squeeze.

single arm pushdowns 3x10

kickbacks 3x10 trying to emphasise form here and give a good contraction.

standing d/b curl 4x8-10 doing an across the body hammer version.

d/b preacher curls 3x10

cable crunch 3x12

hanging leg raise 3x12 lifting out to the sides, these are a bit of a mission for me at the moment.

knee ups on a bench 3x10

lawnmower 3x12


day 2 legs

leg press 5x8-12

split squat on a smith machine 4x10

seated leg curl 3x10, 1 x drop set (3 drops)

stiff deads 3x8-10

toe press 4x15


day 3 chest and abs

incline bench 1x15, 1x10, 2x6-8 (smith machine)

incline flyes 3x10

low cable crossover 3x10, 1x ladder- for this I start in the low cable position and work to failure then raise the cable up a couple of steps and go to failure again then up a couple more and finish to failure. No drop in weight on this it gets slightly easier each height increase.

single arm d/b decline 3x10

weighted decline crunch 3x12

flutter kicks 3x12


day 4 back and shoulders

seated hammer machine row 1x15, 3x8

single arm pulldowns 3x8-10

w/g pulley row 3x8, 1x drop(3 drops)

superman press 3x10

side laterals 2x10, 1x drop (3drops)

rear delt machine 3x10 (single arm)

barbell shrugs 3x8


day 5 legs

front squat 1x15, 3x10

single leg extension 4x8-10

standing leg curl 4x8-10 doing this on the leg curl as they don't have this atthe gym.

45 degree back extension 3x12 doing the version that BIGKEN posted in my hammy training thread. loving it so far, getting a good squeeze.

hip thrusts/raises 3x10

seated calf raise 3x12.


Ideally aim to complete 5 in a row before a rest day, on occasion I've had to take a day off after 2 or 3 days to take the kids to sport or start a shift early.

So far, so good.

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After a month away from the gym and a 5KG drop in bodyweight due to all the infections and surgeries I went in today and gave myself a wee wake up, which went like this.......

deads 3x8-12

single leg extension 3x10

single seated leg curl 3x10

low cable crossover 3x10

standing side lateral raise 2x10, 1xdrop (3 decreases in weight)

seated tricep extension 3x10

standing dumbbell curl 3x10

calf press 3x15.


@pseudonym those protein brownies really hit the spot........with the kids!!!! After the wifey hid them in the cupboard so she could get in first, she had one and said it was too rich for her hahaha. I managed to get 2 of them before the kids, on their usual mum I'm hungry jaunt, found them and polished them off over the weekend that I was sleeping off night shift.

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After the wee wake up session training has been back on the up and up.

Rest day today, trained 5 in a row prior to this which went like this.

day 1

arms and abs

seated db extension 1x15, 1x10, 3x6-8

pushdowns (single arm) 3x10

overhead cable extension 3x8-10

kick backs 3x10

db curl 4x8-10

db preacher 3x10

cable crunch 3x12

leg raise 3x12

cable lawn mower 3x12


day 2


front squat 1x15, 3x8-10

leg extensions (single leg) 4x8-10

standing leg curl (improvised on the leg extension) 3x12

hammy extensions (on the 45 degree back extension) 3x12

seated calf raise 3x12



chest and abs

low incline bench (smith machine) 1x15, 1x10, 2x6-8

incline flyes 3x10

db decline (one arm at a time) 3x8-10

low cable crossover 3x10, 1x ladder set (3 steps)

weighted decline sit ups 3x12

ab wheel rollout 3x12

cable wood chop 3x12


day 4

back and shoulders

seated row machine (hammer strength) 1x15, 3x8

single arm pulldowns 4x8-10

wide grip cable row 4x8

superman press 3x10

side laterals 2x10, 1x drop set (3 drops)

rear delt machine (single arm) 3x10

leaning lateral raise 1xAMRAP (pump)

shrugs 3x8


day 4


leg press 2x12, 3x8-10

walking lunges 4x10

seated leg curl (single leg) 3x8-10, 1x drop(2 drops)

stiff leg deadlift 3x8-10

toe press (on the horizontal leg press) 4x15





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Rest day been and gone.

Wednesday kicked off with arms and abs before work, really wasn't feeling in the mood. Nevertheless it was a good session.

Thursday was leg day number 1. Hamstrings were toasted with minimal effort, felt great.

Tonight is chest and abs with the mighty ABs v Samoa between sets!

Due to family commitments and a shit roster tomorrow will be a rest day before hammering out day 4 and 5.

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So on Saturday things changed, as they have a habit of doing where the kids are involved which meant I got to train!!

Went in and hit back and shoulders. Another good session, back was poked and had a really good pump in my shoulders.

Sunday was day 5 in a row and leg day number 2.  Second session doing walking lunges again, legs were rooted.

Tomorrow ( Monday, well today now I suppose) is meant to be a rest day but Depending on how I shape after tonights shift I might go and do Arms and abs and take a day off on Tuesday since that's when the kids have sports. Had a pretty hairy restraint earlier and smacked my elbow up so we will have to see.

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Things shaped up great, got in and smashed arms and the keg!!

Now sitting at work feeding my face.

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After 6 days on the trot Tuesday was a rest day. 

Back to it on Wednesday and had my 1st leg workout of the week. Thursday was a night off work and time to hit chest and abs.

Got a whole day and night off today and back and shoulders were on the menu.

Back on shift tomorrow night but not before I hit legs again.


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Saturday was leg day number 2!

Great pump, totally trashed afterwards.

The shits and spew bug has hit the house, doing my best to avoid everyone. 

Leg workout was this.

Leg press 2x12 @260 3x8-10 @ 360, 380, 400

Walking lunges 4x10 with 26kg dumbells 

Seated single leg curl 3x10 @90 1xdrop set.

Stiff leg deads 3x8-10 @ 100, 100, 110

Toe press 4x15 @230



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