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Last night was legs and abs

squats(smith machine)

1x15@ 80

3x10@ 100,100,105

walking lunge

3x10@ 15,15,17.5

lying leg curl

3x12@ 50,65,65

calf raise

3x15@ 40,40,40

ab circuit

twists x15

swiss ball crunch x15

reverse crunch x15

heel touches x 15

hanging leg raise x15


this was done 2x with a 60 second break between sessions. 

Found out the hard way that the smith machine isn't fixed to floor! Got a bit sloppy on my last rep and the whole machine twisted and slid on me, had to ditch the rep. Right knee and hip/piriformis is a bit tender. 

All in all it was a good workout with steady improvement. 

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Chest, tris and bis


1x15@ 50

2x10@ 60

1x failure@ 50

incline flyes

3x10@ 15,15,17.5

d/b decline

3x10@ 20,20,20

seated one arm extensions

3x10@ 10,10,10

single arm push downs 

3x12@ 4 plates, 5 plates, 5 plates

d/b curl

4x10@ 15,15,15,15

good workout. Managed to find the pad that hooks onto the bench to secure your feet to when doing declines, much better. More stable and controlled. 

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So after a 10 day break to do some trips and camping with the kids, tonight was this. 


1x15@ 90(15)

1x12@ 120(12)

2x8@ 140, 140(7)

cable row

3x10@ 140,150,150(10)

dumbell row


dumbell curl

4x10@ 15,15,15,15(10)


doesn't look much on paper but it did the trick, I'm toasted. 

Picked up some creatine and glutamine to add to the whey.  Scored some pharma freak GH freak and anabolic freak off a mate that, after using a bottle of each, decided it wasn't for him. Can't hurt to give it a nudge. 

Got a training course for work this week which means one less night shift, so I'll be able to train four days in a row!

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1x15@ 50kg

3x10@ 60,60,60

incline flyes

3x10@ 15,17.5,17.5

d/b decline

3x10@ 20,20,20


ab circuit

torso twist

swissball crunch

reverse crunch

heel touches

leg raise

(all done for 15 reps)


dis this circuit 2x with a 90 second break. 

Plank was held for 40&43 seconds. Need to tough it out longer!!

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Wednesday was this,


1x15@ 80kg

3x10@ 100,105,110

walking d/b lunges

3x10@ 15,17.5,17.5

lying leg curl

3x12@ 50,65,65

seated calf raise

3x15@ 40,40,40

short and sweet but did the trick.


Thursday was,

shoulders and tris

upright row

3x10-12@ 35,35,40(9)

machine press

1x15@ 80

2x10@ 100,100



2x10@ 50,60

single arm extensions


single arm pushdowns

3x12@ 4,5,5(8)

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on the shit part of the roster at the moment where we only get 2 nights off in a 15 day period, add in time away with the kids,  and the gym has suffered. Managed 3 full body workouts in this time, nothing to write home about but got the blood flowing.

Looked like this,

squats 5x

flat d/b bench 5x

w/g pulldown 5x

machine press 4x

single arm pushdowns 3x

d/b curl 3x

seated calf raise 3x

Going to restructure things a bit, finally got a decent power rack so no more squats on the smith machine :-D

Still only going to be able to manage 3 solid days in a row, curious to know where you guys and girls would slot shoulders in if you couldn't give them their own day? In with back and bis or with chest and tris??

Going to add deadlifts in on back day and see how the shoulder and arm handle it, which means back will likely be on day 3 with legs on day 1 so there's some recovery after squatting.

Now that I'm eating regularly again, I'm hoping to try and structure things a bit better and improve my food choices. Still going for shitty convenience stuff while at work.

Thanks for looking, input welcomed and appreciated.

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Haven't updated for a few days, managed a couple of full body sessions. Training for the last 3 days has been this.....



80kg x 15


110kg 2 sets of 8

115kg x 8

Walking d/b lunges

3 sets of 10 with 15kg dumbells

Lying leg curl

 3 sets of 12 with 65kg

Seated calf raise

3 sets 15 with 40kg.


Chest and Tris

D/B bench

1x15 20kg

3x8 30kg,30kg,30kg

Incline flyes 3x10 all with 17.5kg

Cable cross over

3x10 4 plates on sets

Single d/b extension

3x10 all with 10kg

one arm pushdowns

3x10 all with 5 plates


Back and Bis


1x15 60kg

1x12 80kg

1x10 110kg

1x8 130kg

1x8 150kg.


3x8 120,130,140

Cable row

3x8 140,140,140

D/B row

3x10 30kg,35kg,35kg

D/B curl

3x10 all with 15kg


Work gym finally got a power rack/cage which meant regular barbell squats instead of the smith machine.

Did deads for the first time since being ill, felt good on all sets. Had to add strap for the 150kg set, due the sweaty, slippery bar and a weaker grip. Good starting point and the right arm/shoulder seemed to handle it ok.

4am finish at work tonight, heading in to do delts and abs after a sleep.


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Well, almost 5 months since my last post in here. Trolling lots when I have the time and commenting occasionally.

Since my last post life has been hectic. Mostly managing to get to the gym  days in a row when the roster allows.

Had a full 6 weeks where I didn't train at all due to my Father passing and all the subsequent family things that had to be sorted. Also had a 3 week break not too long ago after getting crook. Had a few tests recently and the body is still tumour free, pretty much signed off now unless I notice something.

Training has been good whenever I can get in consistently for a few weeks. We have a new gym opening up in August which is a 5 minute walk from home, already signed up and this will make it easy to get in to a regular pattern.

Training wise I have managed a 140kg squat for 6 reps, I've continued to deadlift and I'm pulling 170kg for 6 reps at he moment with no noticeable issues around the right arm/shoulder.

Due to stability issues and frustrations I've been benching in the smith machine, this has helped considerably. Oddly doing incline flyes presents no issues with stability.

Still haven't set foot on the scales, none at the gym and ours are broken. Noticed some changes in body comp, have definitely reduced visceral fat and my abs are trying hard to show up.

Food wise things are pretty average. Still using whey a couple of serves a day and joint support. I've recently added a multi vitamin/mineral and a zinc, magnesium, vitamin D blend at night/bedtime. Have noticed an improvement in sleep quality.

Thanks for looking.

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Cheers Pseudo.

My shoulder is a bit of a mixed bag really, benching in a smith machine because it just goes when I use a free bar, yet incline flyes are fine. Lateral raises seem to function ok but just weaker. The tricep is where it's really killing me at the moment. Aesthetically there's still and always will be a big hole but its not so noticeable front on.

Training has been good though, squatted 150 last leg session and pulled a 180 dead.

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Hey Realtalk, prior to the shit hitting the fan and bits getting chopped out I was doing 4 reps on squat with 170 (0nly to parallel) and I was pulling 210 for 6 reps, I use straps on deads though. I was comfortably benching 110 for 6, never any spotters around which made it a bit hard to go any heavier, it was enough though.

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Got some spare time so I thought I would post up the training I've been doing over the last while.

Where life, work and time permits this is the 4 days on 2 days off schedule I do and is my preferred structure for training at the moment.

Day 1 Back and Abs

deads 1x15, 2x8, 1x6

d/b row 3x10

w/g pulldowns 3x8

c/g cable row 3x8

crunches super setted with leg raises 3x15


Day 2 Delts and Tris

machine press 1x15, 2x12

d/b press 3x8

side laterals 2x10, 1 drop set with 3 drops in weight

rear laterals on incline bench 3x10

dips 2x15 with bodyweight (trying to focus on form and function on the right side)

seated d/b extension 3x10

single arm rope pushdowns 3x8


Day 3 Legs and Abs

squats 1x15, 2x8, 1x6

walking d/b lunges 3x10

lying leg curl 3x10, 1 drop set with 3 drops in weight

seated calf raise 3x15

reverse crunch supersetted with side crunch 3x15


Day 4 Chest and Bis

barbell bench (in smith machine) 1x15, 1x8, 2x6

incline flyes 3x10

d/b decline 3x8

standing d/b curl 1x15, 2x8

d/b preacher 3x10


When I can only manage 3 days the above workout is broken down and condensed to this;

Day 1 Back, Bis and Delts

Day 2 Chest and Tris

Day 3 Legs

Also have two full body variations that I alternate when I only get the one night off work.

Version 1 Back, Chest, Legs, Delts, Tris, Bis

deadlift, barbell, bench, walking lunges,  leg curl, side laterals, single arm pushdowns, d/b preacher

Version 2 legs, back, chest, delts, tris, bis

squats,  leg curl, barbell bench, w/g pulldowns, side laterals, single arm pushdowns, standing dumbell curl


Bit broken at the moment due to slipping down a few stairs, haven't worked out for 4 weeks been off work as well. Physio doing the trick and I'm back at work Friday.

New gym opens down the road from home on the 3rd of september which means my only reason for not getting to the gym consistently would be laziness. Plan is to do 4 on 2 off or if I need to break it up a bit 2 on 1 off.

Been stocking up on a few supps, so will be adding these into my daily routine and trying to eat more consistently.

thanks for looking.  

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Well due to my wee tumble that was aided by a cat, some stairs and a jealous dog I totalled 5 weeks off any training. On the upside, the new gym has opened up 5 minutes walk from home. Had 3 play around sessions to get the feel of the place and shock things back into it.

Started back with some structure last night, workout was..........

Delts, Tris an Bis

seated dumbell press 1x15, 1x10, 2x6

side lateral raise 2x10, 1x drop set (3 drops in weight)

rear delt machine 3x10

dips 3x15

seated dumbell extension 3x10

one arm pushdowns 3x10

standing dumbell curl 1x12, 2x8

dumbell preacher curl 3x10

right tricep and shoulder was pretty cooked afterwards and very sore today.


today was............


squats 1x15, 2x8, 1x6

walking dumbell lunges 3x10

single leg seated leg cur,l 3x10 first time i've used one of these since I can't remember when, it's the only hammy machine they have though.

seated calf raise 3x15

single leg press (high foot position) 3x10


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Got to the gym for my third day straight and did this......

Chest and abs

bench press 1x15, 1x10, 2x6

incline flyes 3x10

seated fly machine (low angle) 3x10

dumbbell press on the swiss ball, one arm at a time 3x10

crunches super-setted with reverse crunch 3x15.


Found the scales at the gym today, currently sitting on 86kg. Dropped a bit of fat including some visceral. Things are starting shape up slowly and the skinny-fat dad-bod is altering.

Onward and upward.

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Finished work at 4am, some twat has given me a head cold but I still managed to walk the five minutes to the gym for my 4th day in a row to do this........


dumbbell row 1x15, 1x12, 2x6

wide grip pulldowns 2x12 behind the neck, 3x8 to the front

close grip cable row 4x8 

Legs are protesting every move at the moment as are knees and hips.

On 11-7 shifts for the next 3 nights.

Eats aren't perfect by any means but here's todays.

Got up 2:30 after the 4am finish to watch the ABs I recorded, first bit of food was.

oat shake, half a cup of ground up dry oats, scoop of WPC and my concoction of spices mixed with just enough water to choke down.

A bit later half a chicken, cranberry and brie family pie.

Then, slow cooked beef with some roast kumara, potato, yams, parsnip and carrot plus a few vege. Followed 45 minutes later by c4 pre workout. 


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Work stuff rudely interrupted my log book entry last night and we've hard an arse of a shift tonight as well, but there's enough of a lull to finish the entry I started yesterday.

post workout was 2 scoops of WPC and creatine in water before walking home.

then approximately 100g of kumara, 1 large yam, I medium roast spud and a scoop of mashed spud with cheese, about half a cup of mixed veg and roughly 200g of roast beef.

Off to work for 11pm start, then....

finished the other half of the family pie.

Scoop of WPC with creatine in about a cup of low fat milk and a medium banana.

some more mashed spud and about 200g more of roast beef.

another oat shake with creatine and an apple.


like I said, not perfect but its a start. If I can be arsed and for the sake of curiosity I might work out the macros and calories for the above mess.

Thanks to those of you that have taken the time to look.

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Yeaterday went a bit like this........

Finished work at 0700, arrived home and slapped the Mrs on the arse as she walked out the door to work. Raised the kids from t.he dead, fed and watered them. Made their lunches and walked them to school for 0830.  ZMA and a couple of fish oils before crawling into bed at 0850.

Up at 1500, time for a coffee, multivitamin and anti oxidant, followed by a bowl of porridge with banana and a scoop of WPC, before the kids stomp through the door and peoceed to go through the fridge and cupboards like a plague of locust.

Cooked the family dinner of mashed spud, lamb steaks and veges. After everyone finished troughing out, it was time to help the Mrs wrangle the demon spawn and put them to bed. With that done it was gym time.

Slurpped down a sample of blue raz HYDE and 15 minutes later left for the short walk to the gym.

Back was on the menu, after loosening/warming up on the rowing machine and going through some stretches it was time for Deads. By the time I'd loaded the bar up for my first set I was having some pretty major jitters.

Workout was......






D/B Rows




WG Pulldowns




160x7(failed going for 8)

CG Cable row




Done and dusted. First time doing deads since being assisted down the stairs by the cat and a jealous dog! Lower back and hammys were pumped halfway thoughthe first set.

Spent a lot of time fighting the urge to throw a dumbell at the testosterone filled cupcakes that were spending more time lounging and posturing on the gear texting more than they were training and being generally obnoxious while I was doing deads.

Had planned on taking a couple of pics after training but my right arm was shaky as, so I gave up. Aded some water to my double serve of WPC and creatine, plonked myself on the gyms couch and drained it before slowly walking home.

Got home and had a second feed of mash, veges and lamb steak. Popped my ZMA and fish oils and hit the sack about midnight. Had trouble getting to sleep, which isn't unusual for my first night off, the pre workout may have contributed to this as well. Finally went to sleep. Woke up 2 hours later hot as hell, kicked 3 of our 4 cats off the bed, number 4 decided to be tough and bite my feet. He also managed to bite the dogs tail resulting in a yelp and the dog leaping off the bed to cower under the bed for the rest of the night, result!

Back to sleep and up to do it all again today.

Back feels sore but good, Chest is in the menu for today. Will post a much smaller entry after comppletion.

Thanks for looking.


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Todays pre workout treat was sample of C4 Ripped, cherry limeade flavour. Tasted ok, definintely didn't have the same kick as the Mr Hyde but there were no jitters which was a bonus.

Chest and Abs went like this.......

Bench press (smith machine)




80x6 failed going for 8th and 7th rep respectively.

Incline flyes




Seated flye machine



8x160 faile going for 9th rep.

single arm D/B bench on a swiss ball



24x9 failed going for 10th rep on the right arm so only did 9 on the left side as well.

crunches 3x15 supersetted with lying leg raise 3x12

On the last set of swiss ball presses I cramped up in my right shulder blade.

Food has been a bit of a non event today, bowl of porridge with honey and banana and a single scoop of WPC mixed in water with a serve of creatine.

2 whole grain cheese, ham, pineapple and tomato toasties with a serve of creatine a little bit later.

Post workout was a double serve of WPC in water with a serve of creatine.

Walked home and about 30 minutes after getting in the door I had 3 large eggs scrambled up with a can of baked beans and 2 pieces of whole grain toast.

Legs tomorrow!

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Today's pre workout treat was an apple flavoured sample of the curse. Didn't taste horrible, wasn't too sweet ( unlike the blue raz Hyde) and mixed really good. Within a few minutes I was getting some great beta alanine tingles. Although I still have a stupid head cold it definitely improved my focus and the energy was good with no noticeable drop off and none of the jitters I had from the Hyde.

Wandered down to the gym and di this......






walking d/b lunges




seated leg curl (single leg)



85x9 ( crashed going for 10th rep)

seated calf raise

3x15 with 70kg.

leg press (single leg, high foot position)




Despite the good things going on from the pre workout, squats was a real struggle everything just felt heavy across my shoulders even though the legs were willing.

Still a good workout all things considered.

First night back on shift, started at 2000hrs finish at 0400. 2300-0700 for the next 3 nights. Delts and arms to do over the weekend.

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No pre workout treat today, wander to the gym and did this.....

Delts, Tris and Bis.

seated d/b press

16kg x 15




d/b superman presses

4kg x 10



side laterals



drop set 14-12-10 for a total of 25 reps

rear delt machine (one arm at a time)





3x15 with bodyweight only (trying to keep the reps slow and tight)

seated d/b extensions (both arms together)




pushdowns (single arm with rope)




standing d/b curl




single arm d/b preacher




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Gotta love the school holidays, got up at 1630 on monday and started work at 2300, finished at 0700 on tuesday morning to be told by the wifey that the babysitter we had organised for the day had bailed, this resulted inme having to stay up with the kiddies for the best part of 27 hours, no training yesterday.

Today was back day........no pre workout treat today.





170x4 plan was 6 reps here but felt a bit of twinge in the lower left side of my back and decided to er on the side of caution. Probably just a bit of hangover from the tumble down the stairs.

d/b rows




w/g pulldowns




160x7 failed going for 8

cable row




Felt pretty knackered earlier on today after doing the lawns etc and the shitty no sleep day that was yesterday but, had a bloody good workout (with exception of deads) weights are going up and squeezing out more a few more reps on some things.

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