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Wanting to compete!

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Hi everyone,


I'm new here, I've signed up because I'm interested in competing next year. 


I would like to do bikini or figure (would prefer bikini) but I am worried my body just isn't cut out for it. I mean just how lean will I need to get?


I have been strength training for two years now and I currently weigh 60.5kg and I'm 5'5.5. I've been as low 57kg, but I think I've got more muscle now, my measurement are only 2cm more on my thighs and hips.


Below is a link to some photos - i'd love to hear what you guys think? The photos are all from this week, except for the one in the red bikini which is from January and I weighed 57kg.


I know I need to loose fat in my lower body - upper thighs and butt, I'm focusing on clean eating and strength training to build muscle in that area.




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Hi Rach.M

There is absolutely no reason why you could not do bikini or figure successfully.

Bikini contestants generally come down to about 10% which is definitely achievable for you.

Continuing your weight training into next year will give you a good base to compete and will build lean mass as you wish, great stuff!

Keep posting here and you will gets loads of encouragement.

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HI Rachel good on you wanting to compete in the new year and getting to the stage it's a fun and exciting journey. I would suggest having a read of the rules for figure in the feds who have figure classes which are nabba/wff,nabba, nzifbb also inba as well which is natural bodybuilding federation not to sure what the judging cetera is for that federation

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