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mobility issue or maybe form problem

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keen to get any input on this that you guys have, i've googled and can't find anything exactly relevant, trying to get a physio appointment, shit over here no ACC..


apologies for writing it in a bit of a mess, just a brain dump really.


so at first i thought it was similar to toms issue but it has some big differences


some points:


1. when i squat low bar, afterwards my shoulders and biceps ache, not terrible, just uncomfortable

2. previously i hadnt stretched upper body at all, ever, squat warmup and stretching would consist of a few sets of squatting just the bar (real stupid i know, had always been immune to any niggles)

3. i did a large amount of shoulder and pec stretching before squatting today and this completely fixed my shoulders, no pain after squatting BUT now i have bad pain in my forearms where they meet my elbows


4. i think this is not an injury as such, because nothing is really broken, it's just uncomfortable after squatting, and the fact that loosening my shoulders moved the pain to my forearms makes me think its a form issue


5. this happened a long time ago to me and continued for a month or so, and i can't pinpoint what changed that has made it start happening again..


6. previously it was 95% left shoulder, 5% right shoulder, but since it is now down my arms a bit, i would say 60% left, 40% right


my question is


1. where should elbows be pointing in a low bar squat? instinct is to point them backwards, but i feel like if i point them down at the ground its going to be easier on them?


2. is there anything else i should be doing on top of stretching eg i might get a hard ball and roll my pecs and shoulders if thats going to help? 



my experience with physios has not been good, they kind of just "um ah could be this, could be that, dunno really" each time, and want to be proactive on it


anyone that tells me what to do and it fixes it, i will buy you a lot of food or beers when im in nz in october (srs)

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Have you ever tried squatting high bar? Is the bar actually fully resting on your back in low bar or are you supporting a bulk of the weight with your hands ?

Il test on friday. Thats def a possibility now that you mention it but unsure how to correct it, il have a play. Only happens at prob 80%+ which makes me think im doing something to cause it

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Judging from what your saying and watching your vids I'd guess it's an upper back/core tightness issue with your technique causing you to load your arms up too much.

I'm a culprit of the same thing sometimes if I get lazy.

You're Lats/Upper Back should be uncomfortably tight on every rep, and breath in big air against your belt, bracing against it to keep your chest high and back even tighter.

This will allow your back to take the weight rather than your arms.

Think Elbows back and down, and Wrists up and forward, as straight and strong as possible.

Should take some of the load off your arms/shoulders

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