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I went today and found it quite disappointing. However I wasn't expecting to be wow'd, I went in with optimism. Got there for 1030am to watch the Crossfit as we knew someone competing. This was good, the arena type area they run that in is big and have a small terraced seated stand at one end and plenty of room either side of that. I don't think anyone who wanted to watch it wasn't able to do so. Plenty of good viewing available. This wrapped up at around 1130am from there we walked around and had a look at everything which I just didn't really think was that good. The IPF powerlifting comp was on but unless you were in the first 2 or 3 waves of people you jus couldn't see much. Not the IPF fault though. The majority of stands were average and alot of them just seem really cliquey which doesn't really doesn't bother me personally but kind of got sick of being looked up and down after a while. It kind of seems like it's one big competition amongst people. Some of the people on the stands I think are just there for the wrong reasons, there for themselves not the product which is the idea. It's a look at me, look at me expo.

I would have liked to have seen more competitions at stands where the people attending can get involved. Something like having 2 inch Dumbbells at a stand and have a board for who can hold it the longest. One for make one for female. Etc just an idea. I would have liked to have seen more of that. Without being too negative I'll list the things I liked. I thought the fitwear stand was impressive, big and looks like they went all out. Unfortunately I didn't get to meet Simon he was just too busy and I only waiting round so long. Had a chat to matt and his wife from raiselower, they are genuinely in it to help people and give back to the athletes. Pleased for dan at kiwistrength too a he said the expo had been a success as far as selling stick goes. So I was glad to hear people getting their money's worth from their expensive stands. Lots of things I didn't see like the arm wrestling it just wasn't on while I was there so I'm sure if I stayed the whole day I might have a different opinion. But there was no food just that shit cafe they got there so unless I bought my own food I couldn't stay all day.

For $36 and $5 for parking I'm just not sure what that really got us?

I'm just being honest.

Love to hear other people's opinions on the day and what you went for what you thought etc.

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think you were right, RT -

I was there from early to support the last day of the powerlifting and made sure to be on time because and we had heard there was no stadium seating for us. The warm-up area, for two large flights of lifters, was initially only going to be only about 4m x 4m, but they were able to negotiate a better set-up. The music from the other stands drowned out the calls, at least for the audience - the centre ref had a BIG voice. But if I'd been coming to see a mate lift, and had to pay $20 door price, plus parking, to stand and peer over someone's head, I'd be disappointed - especially when parking, and entry, were free on the Saturday. Still, a lot of records were broken, from Trish Muldrock and Ashley Templeton setting womens' records, and Joe Whittaker from Northland Powerlifting with (Corrected, thanks SG) a 330.5kg raw squat. Had to leave before deadlifts, but some epic tactical battles were on the cards there. Felt sorry for the wrestlers, there was no energy there, and very few spectators.

There were a few stands engaging with the crowd - like the Industrial Athletic one, with a calibrated deadlift (a gizmo that measured bar speed from deck to lock-out) - but most of it was very snobbish and cliquey like you say.

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I thought the expo was great today.

There wasn't as many people as years gone past, and there didnt seem to be as many stands as other years. I felt bad for some of them as it seemed like they hardly had any customers interact with them.

This was possibly for 2 reasons

Location - if you were too far away from the main events and entry/exit then you were struggling to draw a crowd, and also if you were too close to one of the bigger stands then they drew everyone away from their stand.

Interaction - in my eyes the expo should be used first and foremost as a promotional tool and sales on the day second. There were hardly any freebies (aside from the 25k of apparel that fitwear gave away, which was very well done) and not much interactivity. There were only a couple of chinup/muscle up comps from what I saw. A few sign up things but as Realtalk touched on you need to pull punters in with something fun. A few like Fitwear did have an MC with s microphone who interacted well and it showed through the numbers of people hanging around.

EHP did very well with there stage you got photos with their athletes. And a few of the supplement stands were quite well set out but for the most part it just seemed like everyone set up shops to sell all their stock.

I thought the Crossfit was awesome to watch. Some of the athletes have got really realky good and the top ones were actually really entertaining. The grandstand was a nice touch. Industrial athletic had a power rack and generously let a few of us muck around with bench and squat for reps challenges which was really good of them. Their new Texas bars are actually really nice too, I would love them in my gym.

The powerlifting was really popular. I thought the comp was really well put together. The back stage with the screens so you couldnt see the lifters warming up and they came out when their name was called to lift was really cool. The displays with name, attempt weight and what record they were trying to break was really helpful for the spectators. The music was good. Spotter/loaders were really on the ball and whipped through the setups and had some good catches.

Lifter of the day was easily Joseph Whittaker

330.5kg squat

220kg bench

330kg deadlift

880.5kg total at around 130kg was fucking awesome to watch. Physically and mentally one of the best lifters I've ever seen in person. He didn't attack the weights, he just lifted them and every attempt seemed effortless. he told he as soon as he walked out his 330 squat he knew he had it haha, what a champ! Talk about motivated now, race to 900 is on

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Interaction - in my eyes the expo should be used first and foremost as a promotional tool and sales on the day second.

I know what you're saying... and it certainly makes a better expo for the crowds. I think it used to be more like this in the first year or two, but then companies decided they simply weren't getting the ROI to make it worthwhile - those stalls are not cheap. Simply giving away truckloads of free product didn't convert to sales for them down the track (at least, not that could be attributed to the expo).


So now you see a lot of companies making it a requirement to buy something or sign up to a mailing list before they hand over the free stuff. Still seems to work though - NZ Muscle's stall had a massive queue stretching back down the hall, all waiting to sign up to the mailing list and get their freebies.


But for me, the most interesting thing is the number of past exhibitors who are no longer there. Guys like Xtreme Nutrition and Shotgun piggy-back off the expo with massive "expo weekend savings" - even though they're not part of the expo in any way!


Mine was a lightening-fast visit this year. I had other places to be this weekend, so I couldn't stick around and watch any events properly - although I did see some seriously impressive crossfit in action.

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Good to hear the PL was a draw card and totally agree with SG there. Joe W is an animal and one to watch over the coming years.

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