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In put on MMA short design.

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With most MMA shorts they have lycra in the inner thigh/groin, would having a small insert of lycra on the outer thigh be beneficial?

My thoughts behind this is sometimes for example is when your fighting from your guard the fabric from your shorts is caught and may affect your range of motion slightly in things like sweeps/arm bars etc.

From experience with having the entire short made from a stretchy material is that the shorts lose their elasticity more than just the sewn in elastic typically in MMA shorts. An obviously not everyone is comfortable wearing small sprawl shorts like Don Frye wink emoticon.


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Dunno only ever had this pair. Im no expert. Just seen you thread and reminded me I had them. You must like MMA eh? The gym I train at is where faith van duin does her strength and conditioning training at. She has her invicta world title fight in a couple of weeks I think, you been following that?

I think this would have to be the biggest fight as New Zealander has had on mma world stage afte mark hunt of course... But he represents Australia doesn't he? It's a shame she hasn't had more publicity about it, because I think it's a pretty big deal, yeah?

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It would be a pretty big deal if she beat cyborg for sure. Bigger than fat guts mark hunt imo.

Unfortunatly womans featherweight isnt stacked with tallent like the strawweight division.

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