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Coke Life v Coke Zero v Diet Coke

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What do we think of the new Coke Life? Anyone tried it yet?




I'm not sure I see the point. It may have 35% less sugar than regular Coke, but even that's still a shitload of sugar. I get that it uses stevia rather than some nasty artificial sweetener, but if you're going to do that, why not replace the sugar entirely rather than just 35% of it?


It also seems like an odd product line-up now. You've got the one original, regular Coke, and three other sugar-reduced versions all claiming to taste the same but different...

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When I was in Canada I tried stevia cola there, was actually not bad but wouldn't be my first choice if I had the option to choose,  I thought this was going to be the lemon coke again

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Is there a sugar free Milo yet or something similar?

Avalanche do a sugar free drinking chocolate bro.

Think it's like 7cal per serve.

Obvs have more than one serve at a time but add it to a black coffee it's the closest thing you'll get to a mocha on a diet lol

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