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Review: Volt 7 foot Mens Training/CF bar

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Here you go Opti ;-)  Was too large for your site to posting here and Powerhouse.
28mm thickness
680kg rating
IWF/IPF specs
Retail $395 (No1 Fitness)
My requirements were to find something that could take the heavy weights needed for powerlifting but also tough enough to drop for Olympic lifting and throw it around at home working out from the garage. I wanted a 28mm thick bar for IPF Comp standards and 20kg total weight.  Also needed to be 30mm sleeves to fit most commercial plates no matter where I purchase them from. Finally it had to be cost effective. Didn’t want to spend over $600 but still wanted the specs mentioned, so I knew it would be a tough ask. With that in mind I did the research and asked around and narrowed it down to 2 bars. The Stealth Bar from Industrial Athletic and the Volt from No1. I got in touch with both dealers and asked more questions about pros and cons, then finally settling on the cheaper option the Volt. I’ve used the bar for a solid 2 months now as my main Powerlifting bar and have come up with a few points to help you make your decision on this particular bar. Requirements met and delivery from door to door I was away.
First session was deads and it was quite the struggle. As noted on the website the bar comes coated in Black Oxide, its purpose is to absorb sweat and make gripping the bar far easier than your typical commercial gym bars. This means wiping the bar down after every session so the sweat doesn’t bake onto the bar. I used chalk and eventually straps to combat this as it was very hard to use for those first 3-5 weeks. The knurling is typical to a common IPF bar I would describe as a soft Eleiko bar knurling. 28mm is the perfect thickness for me, a mil under or over and I find it very hard to hold for dead lifting. Personally I would prefer a tougher knurling as that’s what I am used to now BUT it is sold as a Olympic and Cross fit bar so it is perfect for that need. After weeks of wiping down I noticed it became much easier to grip and deads were back to where I expected them to be. As it is now I have no issues with grip what so ever and still requires wiping down each session to remove both chalk and sweat ideally a metal brush would do the trick.
Whip is important for various reasons depending on your sport. No whip makes it hard to break the floor for dead lifting, too much whip and it’s too easy to break the floor and not realistic for IPF competition standards but does have its use. This bar is closer to the middle in terms of its whip. A very subtle bend in the bar before breaking the floor makes it a good Powerlifting bar. In that initial phase I swore it had no whip at all but once I analysed the footage I could see a slight bend before it broke. In regards to squats it’s pretty ideal as there is not much movement at the bottom or top of the squat which is common when going over the 200kg mark for most bars that are not powerlifting specific.
With the ability to cross over from Powerlifting to Olympic lifting makes it a great bar to user from home or any commercial gym. Its durable to withstand dropping and a bit of rough and tumble as opposed to a Powerlifting specific bar at double the cost, I wouldn’t want to dump that on the safety’s or attempt an over head squat. The sleeves are chrome and also come with a coating on them that makes it easy to load/unload plates which makes things so much easier working out alone. In saying that ALWAYS use collars or they will just slip right off the bar as I have demonstrated several times already. This bad boy is rated to 680 Kilograms! That is due to the steel used in the bar that makes it a step above for others in that price range. I would struggle to find a bar with that rating under a thousand dollars.
Comes down to personal preference at the end of the day. What I would suggest is do the research first, ask around gyms and friends, and make an educated purchase based on your findings.

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Good fair review of the bar mate - thanks :)


All points were fair and didn't want to look like i'm selling the product, just my views anyway.


Happy to review anything you want to send me opti :think:

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Industrial athletic. Texas power bar. Local and cheapest. Unsure if they have any in stock but jump on website and check.

They seem to be out of stock but have emailed them asking when more will be in . Cheers bro.



as an alternative, PTC sydney use these guys bars 




il check which model specifically, but im told its near eleiko quality, at 1/5 or less the price


if they are as good as they say they are, then even with shipping to nz factored in, it would be a good option

Ill have a look now man .

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