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Lamb risotto

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Made this for easter.



Marinate overnight with 1 cup red wine, drink the rest. Add plenty of herbs like thyme, rosemary, oregano etc and a bit of moroccan seasoning. Add 2-3 tablespoons of vinegar.


In the morning, put in pot with beef stock and a bit more wine and herbs and simmer for 45 mins or till dry. It will smell nice.



Make risotto like the box says, plus add parmesean, pumpkin, fetta, haloumi, red wine etc or whatever the f*ck you want. Maybe cream.



Tomato paste, red wine, haloumi, olive oil etc simmer and add on top when serving.


Add stuffed tomatoes with parmesean and grill on the side


Brown lamb with olive oil and more herbs on high heat.



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Lol this isnt got anything to do with my cutting br0 just a special occasion meal for easter that my family ate as well. Gonna starve come monday. Looking forward to the running as well.


That's awesome mate, really clean! This is sure to get you lean in a hurry just like what you are wishing for.

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