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Soundsgood Lifting heavy sh*t

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Got my squat suit and bench shirt in the mail finally yesterday.


Despite having squats already booked for Sunday I couldn't help myself and went in for a squat session


Warm up sets up to 220kg then put the suit on


Was a bit of a struggle to get into the legs of the suit even with the suit slips and couldn't manage to get them all the way up.  Will need to widen the legs open and it was baggy around the hips so wasnt getting a full grip.


First set was straps down 260kg and hit a reasonably easy triple.  Felt about the same as it would raw, didnt feel like suit aided me much 


Jumped up to 320kg and put straps up.  As I descended the straps caught my shoulders and tried to pull me forward so I was unable to sit back like I normally do and consequently missed depth.  I felt like the suit was giving me a little bit of power now and I popped back up super quick.


Loaded up 340kg which is as much as I could possibly fit on the gym bar.  Walked out and tried to set feet but got it slightly wrong.  Went for the squat anyway and again the suit was pulling me forward so I missed depth 


The 340 popped up super easy though, I can see some big numbers coming up.  Once I get my legs fully into the suit and hips brought in depth will be heaps easier.


Have been advised by Wookie to forget about straps up for the meantime and just get used to squatting straps down.  Will give it another crack on sunday where I will go for 370kg.


My right glute was in quite a bit of pain this morning when I got up.  Its the same glue I tore 5 years ago and had extensive rehab to get right which doesnt make me happy but Im sure I will sort it out


Heres video of my first ever suited squats with straps up


Bodyweight was 123.4kg / 272lb


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