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Mir vs Silva

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Actually should be a really good card this weekend not many big names but some great talent.


I'm rooting for Mir to beat Silva unlikely but i just feel as though Sliva is done,Mir has lost four in a row but look who he has lost to Barnett,Overeem,cormier,JDS. Plus you can never underestimate his BJJ.


Barboza to win he has been looking his best ever since his loss to Cerrone.


Rustam Khabilov will either grind him out to a decision or take him down and blast him until tko or until a submission is available. I realize i just described every way to win haha



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arlovski did the job. i believe that mir should stop competing he is now quite old, he is huge slow and has consecutive losses. also it was sad to see the ease with which johnson won cause now there is no one really left at this level and cannot go up a weight category.

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Yeah Mir defo looks slow and comes to the ring with no intensity just sorta hops round a few times.. he's almost to the point of one of those wrestling guys who gets beat up each week - sorry bit of hate for him haha :P

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