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Axis Labs Adipo-X

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I haven't used a fat burner in ages, other than the occasional sample sachet taken for a pre-workout kick.


But recently I discovered a bottle of Axis Labs Adipo-X sitting in the back of my cupboard. I can't remember when I bought it, but it must have been a while ago, because the product had expired halfway through last year. Ooops. Still, we all know expiry dates are meaningless, and I wasn't going to waste it, so I gave it a try.


I really like it.


The suggested serving size is 2-3 caps twice a day. At 2 caps, I was feeling alert, but like I could easily handle more. At 3 caps, I get a definite increase in energy and a lift in mood.


It's hard to quantify the fat-burning effects of any product, so I'm not going to try. The thing I like most about Adipo-X is that it seems to give you a really clean, sustained energy - no jitters or dizziness like other products I had in the past.


And the lift in mood is noticeable too. Don't get me wrong - it's not party-pill-like euphoria - but there's a definite feel-good kick to it. And it can't be placebo, because I hadn't read the label to know I should feel a sense of well-being until after I'd felt it for several days.


Which is interesting, because the ingredient list doesn't seem to contain anything too exotic.




The only slight negative was that if I took it on an empty stomach, and didn't follow it up with something (even just a coffee), I'd be burping Adipo-X flavoured burps for an hour or two afterards. But that was easily solved.


Having just written this review, I went to look up the retail price, and found it doesn't appear to be in any NZ stores. (Note this is Adipo-X, not Adipo-X PM.) Which rather limits the usefulness of my review, sorry. But you might be able to get it from overseas, or find a similar product here.


After I finish this bottle, I might see if I can find any local products with the same ingredients. I'd certainly get this again if I could.

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