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Female bodybuilder wanted for TV show

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My name is Kimberley, i am from CastMe, a New Zealand based talent agency.

We are looking for a female body builder late 20’s - 30’s with short hair for a small role in a popular NZ TV series.

If you have anyone interested within your network please get them to email me - bookings@castme.co.nz


Warm Regards,




I asked a few more questions for anyone who might be interested...


What’s the programme?

Step Dave, South Pacific Pictures production (SPP makes Shortland St, Go Girls, Outrageous Fortune, etc, etc)


Is it a paying role?

Yes, it is either a background or featured role paying $14.25- 17.25 per hour. 


What are the time commitments?

Shoot is Sunday 8th Feb, times still tbc, would need to be available for the full day.


What sort of physique are you after? Do they have to look like a competitive bodybuilder (ie, ripped) or is a strong gym chick look adequate?

Physical requirements that have been requested is female body builder with short hair. So no specific physique.

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