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I nearly didn't post this story, because I can't work out how old it is. (TVNZ's website has the same story with two different dates - one dated Jan 2014, and the other way back in June 2012!)


Anyway, whenever it started, it's doing the rounds on Facebook now, and apparently was TVNZ's top story of the year. So it really is topical. Honest!




Now, I'm picking I know what side of the fence everyone here's going to be on. So I'll ask the question from a slightly different angle... can you think of any reasons why kids should NOT play bullrush? :D


I vaguely remember playing it, but I don't remember tackles. So either that's memory-loss caused by a particularly hard tackle, or I was playing "bullrush-lite". What about you? Did you play it at school, or were you part of the cotton-wool generation?

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Tika rugby ran an adult bull rush Comp a few years ago at north harbour stadium... I entered and fucked my AC joint on first tackle. Let the kids wreck themselves!

is that you @ 1.26?

Yeah cuz lol

Was a good day apart from the injury I left before the end with a limp arm. People who aren't conditioned to tackling people shouldn't tackle people lol. Straight armed this c*nt in chest hard as I could tho felt great chance to assault people legally pretty much



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