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Glassons ditches skinny mannequins

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Needs to work on her serratus anterior imo.


Srsly, I know a lot of 'real women' who both have 'curves' (some of them are just fat) and don't (like this mannequin). Stop getting so butthurt NZ, we are peopel of all body types, and we're told to accept that. This is one of those body types, so accept it.


Smaller girl good coz can chuck her round in sex and everyday scenarios etc with minimal effort and energy expenditure. Atm im 106kg, current gf is 45kg so 2.35:1 bw ratio which IMO is good. I make her excercise and tell her shes getting fat to encourage her to not overeat. I find larger girls e.g 55-65kg can be attractive if they have right proportions however they cost more in terms of food and fuel expenses and tend to waste more of my time looking for clothes that they look good in.

This guy has hit the nail on the head. It is all about proportions. Proportions on your Missus, proportion of happiness gained from said missus versus your money spent by missus, 40/40/20 etc. etc. Me personally, I'm all about putting a girls footprints on the ceiling ;)

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