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Sweeeet treat

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Rightyo fellas guess the calories in the bowl. All done guessing - good. Under 300 calories
Meadowfresh chocolate milk 250ml (179 calories)
Muesli 30gms (117 calories)
Secret ingrediants 
     Xantham gum and
     Walden farms 0 calorie chocolate sauce
Originally tried zero calorie soda (Coke Zero with lime) scoop of protein powder and Xantham gum called protein fluff

basically calories just from protein powder (130 or so dependng on brand)

Youtube video here



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Cheers Clueless. That protein fluff sounds interesting - although in the photo it does have a unfortunate resemblance to a turd... :P

I bought me a shiny new food processor the other day, perfect for whipping up cottage cheese - and it comes out like a mousse, similar to this. I'll get some recipes up soon.

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