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MK-2866 Ostarine [SARM]

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Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with the above compound, especially women.

Given it's a SARM the anabolic benefits seem to be lower than with AAS but very low (if any?) androgenic sides which seems to be the benefit. I saw a research study that showed only mild shutdown on men but also lowered SHBG  significantly, likewise with women it showed a more significant shutdown however no reduction in other serum hormones (post menopausal)



possibly a better way to cruise allowing non skeletal muscle tissue a break from high androgen levels. Also orally taken with very low toxicity 

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Have seened ostarine used locally with bikini girls and awesome results (not quite anaver level but close). Also heard of guys here using it when they come off cycle to hold gains but not impeed natty test recovery.

Unsure of legal status here tho?

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Bikini girls use PED? Lol wtf.

Cmon Tom, if anyone else asked this I'd put it downto naiviety, but you know how many are running clen, T3, arimidex, anavar, and some even stan.....

Ludicrous I know, but I guess its no different to the Physique / Boardies guys - the last line up I saw had more AAS than the open mens usually has!

A shame cos the intro classes get introduced then people work out its easy to be a champ by running heaps, then its not an iontro class anymore. Fast forward 5 years introduce a new class, repeat the cycle...(remember athletic/classic/figure/shape etc when they came in)


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