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Gyzzbrah mentoring thread

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What does the Dolphin Pod have to say about it terry? will that help me make more gains.
what exactly are you refering to?

Um just the programming Im using for accessory work.


Day 1: Upper Power

- 531 Bench and Press

- Accessory work: Dips/ CG Press, Rows, Shrugs, Rear Delt work, Tricep Work. situps

Day 2: Lower Power

- 531 Squat and Deads

- Leg Curls, Deadlift Hypers (w/ Dumbells), Chins, Glut Bridges (stopped cuz akward) situps.

Day 3: Lower

- Pause squats

- Drop weight on pause squat do 5 sets for 5 as backoff, Leg Press, Leg Curls, Leg Extensions with a 40 + rep dropset at the end for a sick pump

Day 4: Upper

Pause Bench

- Shrugs, Dumbell Press, Rows, Machine Flies, Lat Pulldowns, Dumbel Rows, couple of exersises for Bis and Tries at the end.


- 531 usually says add 5-2.5 kgs every month. However, as I only been lifting for a year prior, I feel that I can add way more so I add like 10 kg's a month. Reason why I like 531 as my system of progression over, say straight sets of 5x5, is because I enjoy having my numbers laid out for me and as candito says, psycological play's a large part, it is a training variable.

- Abb work, Fixing my hamstring weakness and stretching is helping my squat a LOT.

- For rest days, I usually train every other day as I feel I can Recover better

- My deloads follow the 531 protocol of deloading

Yeah ok, lets see.
I would focus on each lift once a week and I would not do two big lifts in the same workout, give them each full focus.
Do your 5/3/1 on the focused lift i.e bench, then move in more isolated movements targeting the muscle groups assiociated with the particular lift of the day (I will provide my template below). On the accesory work don't get to caught up in the weight you lift save that for the big lifts. Focus on getting a good stretch and contraction in the targeted muscle whilst keep constant tension on from start to finish. I would focus on 10reps to start with on each exercise, the weight should be so that can complete the 10th rep with strict form but you would fail on the 11th, so 1 rep away from failure. It may take some time to gauge but you will get there. keep rest times to mimimum you should be able to maintain a pump.
even when bulking, cardio is important to keep up your workout intensity. I personally like 40minutes or 10minutes HIIT whatever you like. Maybe do this once or twice a week.
Rough workout template.
Bench 5/3/1
incline dumbell 3 sets of 10
machine press 3 sets of 10
dumbell flys 3 sets of 10
Skull Crushers 3 sets of 10
Tricep extensions 3 sets of 10
Squat 5/3/1
Hack squat 3 sets
leg press 3 sets 
Lunges 3 sets 10reps each leg
Leg extensions 3 sets
wedesday: cardio
Over head press 5/3/1
Dumbell shoulder press 3 sets
machine shoulder press 3 sets
front raises 
side raises
5/3/1 deads
Straighted legged deadlifts 3 sets
hamstring curls 3 sets
Lat pull downs or pullup (if you can get 10 reps)
barbell rows 
EZ bar biceps curls 3 sets
Saturday: cardio
Sunday: rest

And the monkey's doing smolov jnr lol

16 and knows it all already

A couple of thoughts - he says he went through purberty very young, now claims he has low test and drive. maybe he needs cinnamon

but if the monkeys body has skipped a few beets and at 16 thinks it's nearing 50 and looking for viagra, he certainly won't have the recovery periods for Smolov or any thing similar to work.

so one day a week for the big stuff may well be just what the grizzkey needs

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