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Dorian Yates Tempro

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Hey Everyone

I am a big fan of protein blends, as Cannot be bothered having an isolate/concentrate for post workout and a casein for night-time.

Over the years I have tried Myofusion, Syntha-6, Combat, Delicious protein, but as you may know most of them are primary sourced concentrate, rice protein etc, a cheap primary source, then way down the list you get casein, isolate etc.

Now I have found Dorian Yates Tempro, primary sourced casein, isolate, concentrate etc.

Atm it is on special at Nzmuscle for $74 for a 5LB, Each scoop contains 18g protein, 4g carbs, 2g sugar, but the great thing is, if you only use 1 scoop you get 100 serves, 2 scoops 50 serves which contain a whopping 36g protein, try and beat that!

For a Primary sourced Casein/Isolate blend this is hard to beat, I currently use 1.5 scoops, so 27G Protein, and im going to get 75 serves for $74, it mixes perfectly with water, and as you may know, as soon as you open a tub of protein, you can tell the quality by the consistency of the powder.

Compared to Syntha or Combat this is not an amazing tasting protein, its good but not amazing, but I dont buy protein for the taste.

This protein for the price atm is amazing bang for buck, I wanted to let all the other Gymnation member know about this product and how amazing it is, as I hadnt looked into it until coming across it on Nzmuscle website, give it a try!



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I might have to buy a tub of that from nz muscle when I stop by nz muscle on queen st  sounds nice from what I make of it

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Yeah I highly recommend, the profile of this blend is the best I have seen for the cost. If you are used to myofusion , combat or syntha you will find the flavour boring, as the chocolate is thin and quite bland, and after having syntha which tastes like a milkshake, tempro chocolate isn't the strongest flavor, but hands down beats myofusion, combat,syntha etc in the profile department IMHO. Will be interested to see what other people think of this product. Apparently the strawberry has little strawberry pieces in it, hmmmm. I normally don't buy into the protein that is hyped by a big name bodybuilders, I.e Ronnie Coleman proantium, jay cutler total protein etc, but this product actually seems legit! Let me know what ya think

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