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Raw Bounty Bars

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What sweetener did you use? It says "maple syrup, coconut syrup or date paste" - I've never tried the last two, but I wouldn't have thought they'd be of an equivalent sweetness.

I used Cocunt sugar and made a syrup with it by putting some in a pan on a low heat with a small amount of water until it reduced. Its important to use syrup of some sort becuase sugar wont disolve in the cocnut fat (made that mistake the first time) 


They take about 10 min, I made loads and im keeping them in the freezer. 

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Yeah usually you can find it in the specialty section at supermarket. I got mine from Naturally Organic on the north shore (also online)  http://www.naturallyorganic.co.nz

Is coconut sugar a specialty store kind of ingredient? I've never seen it in the supermarket...


Is this still classed as 'healthy' fat tho? A quick add up tells me its pretty much all sat fat and very little mono/poly fats..?

Coconut oil is an MCT oil and recognised as more of a carb and used for energy and less likely to be stored as fat. I have been adding loads on my lower carb day and am very pleased with the increase in energy and lack of fat gain.

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