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What I ate today

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I was chatting with a couple of mates at the gym tonight. They were moaning about their diets, and how sick they were of dry chicken breast that had to be eaten with water to get it down. Or kumara that just wouldn't be swallowed.

Personally, I think if food's not tasty, you're doing it wrong.

I started out taking a photo of tonight's meals for them. Then I figured if I was doing that, I might as well post them here too. You never know - I might even update this with other eats from time to time.


So today I ate...

Chicken salad and creamed rice
Lettuce, tomato, red/yellow capsicum, olives, 60g cheese, 2x rashers bacon, 300g (uncooked weight) chicken breast. Drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Chocolate creamed rice for dessert.

Protein: 135g, Carbs: 100g, Fat: 50g

Sweet scrambled eggs
2x eggs, 350ml egg whites, 1tsp vanilla essence, 1Tbsp Splenda/Natvia (low-calorie sweetener), 100ml water. Blend, cook on low heat, stirring regularly. Toast 3x slices Vogels bread and spread with lime marmalade. Place eggs on top.

Protein: 65g, Carbs: 60g, Fat: 10g

Boysenberry mousse
500g cottage cheese, 2 scoops vanilla protein, and boysenberries. You may need a splash of water and/or sweetener if your protein powder isn't particularly sweet. Blend till smooth.

Protein: 110g, Carbs: 45g, Fat: 5g


Also had 2x protein shakes (pre- and post-workout) and a post-workout heaped tablespoon of brown sugar.
Protein: 100g, Carbs: 50g


Daily total -
Protein: 410g, Carbs: 255g, Fat: 65g. Calories: 3,245




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nice pics, how come you didn't use instagram *sad*. i like the look of that mousse think i need to find a good vanilla protein now, what's a good one for general cooking? only onces i've tried before have had pretty off-putting tastes.

crazy how many people don't realise they can eat tasty food instead of going with the cookie cutter chicken & rice or some crap random vege of the month that they clearly don't enjoy because it was in some meal plans from a magazine. IIFYM + some common sense (not filling up the macros with tonnes of junk) ftw

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I agree re chicken breast.  Fark that.


Chicken thighs however don't have that problem, even when cooked a bit longer than needed.  For the kumara just mix through some coconut cream or pretty much anything.


Do these same guys sit there eating 200g (dry weight) of unadulterated brown rice?


Oh I get it.  I think they might benefit from having a meal plan drawn up for them.

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If it's not enjoyable it's not worth eating! Tonight for dinner I made chicken nachos and leftovers will be lunch tomorrow. Approx 600g chicken breast, 150g mushrooms, 1 large capsicum, can of watties chilli beans, half can of crushed tomatoes, chilli and cajun spices, 150g of corn chips, little bit of grated cheese and covered in avocado. Approx 90g protein, 100g carbs and 40g fat for dinner, same for lunch. 

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