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Battle of the Fittest

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lol optimass that reminds me of a joke i heard in the gym once from a powerlifter.


skinny guy to big lifter guy : "dude nice triceps i guess you done weighted dips for that?"

powerlifter guy : "mate only time youll see me dipping is when im eating chips"


pseudo that sounds like a good idea for a minigame at the event thing actually probably wouldn't take much to make that happen lol

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Haha, was the Bsc stand the one with the pullup rig? Saw some peeps having a go. 

Caught some of the action yesterday with my son, Don't know any of the competitors, but people were going hard. Handstand pushups to sprint to ring muscle ups.... serious stuff haha. Was a very good crowd and the fitness section was well laid out.. nothing really caught my eye but was able to show my son Olympic weights and show him what a crossfit comp looks like.... he didn't see the point really lol. Had a quick chat to an NZMuscle rep.... good peeps. 



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