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Acquiring bulk!

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The offseason has been kicked off. Been easing into the offseason since Nationals and have worked my way up from 150 g carbohydrates to 300-350 g the last 2 weeks.

Current Marconutrients are (ball park):

- 200-250 g protein - 300-350 g carbohydrates - 80-100 g fats

I like to work with ranges in the offseason, more freedom.

Weekday diet is:

Meal 1: 100g Oats, 150g Yogurt, 1 scoop WPC, 1 scoop WPI, 250 ml Almond Milk, 30g natural peanut butter.

Post workout: 1 chocolate Milk

Meal 2: Nut bar and slice of pine apple

Meal 3: 1 cup brown rice, 150g chicken, Vegetables + Sauces

Meal 4: 1 cup brown rice, 150g chicken, Vegetables + Sauces

Meal 5: 1 can black chilli beans, 150g prime mince

Meal 6: 4 egg whites, 1 whole egg with pine apple

Meal 6: 1/2 cup cottage cheese (lite) 100g blue berries

Additional fats: 8 fish oils, 10 ml flaxseed oil.

Current weight is 88 kg goal weight is 100 kg by June.

Training has become a four day split to allow enough rest and to try avoid injuries I keep getting.

Monday: OFF

Tuesday: Chest and Triceps

Wednesday: Back and Biceps

Thursday: OFF

Friday: OFF

Saturday: Shoulders

Sunday: Legs

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Weight is currently 90kg unsure of bodyfat still reasonably lean.

Wrists are still injured so still training four days a week focusing on pulling movements as they don't seems to hurt my wrists.

Strength is increasing especially in the dead lifts doing a 4x4 routine on compound movements such as squat and dead lift and 5x10 routine on stiff leg dead lifts, incline bench and military press.

Yesterdays back routine as:

- Pull ups 5 sets 12 bw

- Bent over rows underhand 2 warmup sets 4 sets of 12 @ 90 kg

- Dead lift (conventional) 2 warm-up sets 4 sets of 4 @ 160 kg

- T bar rows 2 warm up sets 2 set of 12 @ 4 plates

Trying adding in biceps but curling hurts wrists too much as its to hard to do thumbless grip (thumb tendons in both wrist are strained).

Looking at making some good progress in the compounds this offseason and possibly compete in some powerlifting meets for variation.

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Weight this morning was 89.2kg possibly a little lighter than last weigh-in probably just natural fluctuation though

Back routine consisted of:

-BW pull-ups 4 sets of 12

-Bent over rows 4 sets of 16 @ 90kg (100 kg next week)

-Dead lifts 4 sets of 4 at 180 kg

-T bar rows 3 sets of 14 with 3 1/2 plates

Ran out of time to do Biceps and didn't want to inflame wrists more. Curling seems to set them off.

Hitting Shoulders on Thursday and hoping to get some PB's on the over head press!

Currently eating 3200 calories a day plus the occasional glass of milk. Currently gaining about 0.5 kg a week so if I continue at this rate will hit my target weight in 20 weeks, I would imagine the rate of gain to decrease significantly over the next 2 months or so. Christmas time soon though which means big family feasts!

What a time to bulk! :wink:

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Killed chest yesterday and did incline dumbbell press rather than barbell.

Chest is incredibly sore today, and the stimulation from the dumbbells was unmatched by the barbell felt amazing!

Routine was:

-Incline dumbbell 2 warmup sets, 4 working sets. 26kgx18, 34kgx12, 38kgx12, 42kgx10, 44kgx10, 46kgx8

-Incline neck press 60kgx18, 3 sets of 80kgx10-12

-Flat dumbbell flies 20kgx16, 24kgx12, 26kgx12

Really focusing on squeeze and contraction, not really lifting heavy at the moment giving the wrists a little more time to recover they have definitely come along way.

Really wanting to improve chest this offseason so going to start incorporating 2 chest routines a week. One chest & Tri's the other chest only.

Main focus will be on incline.

Drunk for the first time in a year last weekend and still feeling the after affects of the night out. Was a wicked night but don't think I will be drinking again until new years :wink:

Weighed in at 93kg this morning, a bit of a gain more than I would want might have been the salty food I ate the previous night though.

Monitoring progress both on the scales and in the mirror aiming at a 0.5-1kg gain a fortnight.

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Trained shoulders, Traps and abdonimals today.

-Machine Press. 45kgx20, 65kgx16, 75kgx12, 75kgx12, 75kgx12, 75kgx11

-Lateral Raises, 16kgx20, 18kgx14, 20kgx12, 20kgx12, 20kgx12 drop set 14kgx20

-Bent over dumbbell flies. 12kgx20, 16kgx14, 20kgx10, 20kgx10, 20kgx10

Then static hold and squeeze with 12kg dumbbells.

-Barbell shrugs 100kgx20, 140kgx16, 140kgx16, 140kgx16

-Hanging leg raises 3 sets of 20

-Cable crunches 3 sets of 20

Feel reasonably good, and had plenty on energy and focus for a 5am workout!

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Destroyed legs!

Still feeling the burn 3 days after the workout!

Routine was:

-Back Squats 5 sets of 10 and 140kg

-Leg press 20x10plates, 18x12 plates, 16x14plates and 12x18plates

-Stiff leg deadlifts 100kgx12x4

-Seated Hamstring Curls 3 sets

-Stand Calve Raises 5 sets

I noticed my foot position in the squat is not symmetrical and when I position them in the same spot feels awkward.

Looking forward to killing back tomorrow especially since I have some more Rammstein tracks to blast in my ears !

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Destroyed back this morning!

I think my deadlift form was really sloppy due to tight hamstrings got that O not so good feeling in the lower back!

Routine consisted of:

-BW Pull-ups 5 sets of 12

-Bent over rows Warmup then 4 working sets of 100kgx12

-Dealift Warmup then 4 sets of 140kg for 5, fourth set 5+ (got 10)

-T bar rows 4 sets 3 1/2 plates 16 reps

-Static straight arm pull downs

Didn't really get the pump I usually get from a back workout, and wasn't to happy with my form should have listened to my body and dulled it down.

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Trained shoulders and traps this morning...

Feeling pretty unmotivated at the moment and think my progress is going backwards both in terms of strength, weight and size.

Got sure what the exact cause of this is I'm sleeping well (7-8 hours), have plenty of energy, eating well (calorie surplus), not stressed and yet I feel I'm not making progress.

Routine consisted of:

-Seated Barbell Military press 4 sets of 65kgx10 (usually do 80kgx8)

-Seated lateral raises 4 sets of 18kgx16 (about normal)

-Bent over rear delt flies 4 sets of 16kgx12

-Shrugs 4 sets of 140kgx16 (a little light)

Current program is 5 days a week the extra session being a quick 20-30min chest workout. Added the extra chest workout as it is an area I feel I need to improve. Other areas I want to focus on are back thickness and broadness in the shoulders. They are well rounded but really want to work on the broadness this offseason so can get a better V taper for the 2014 competitive year.

Not expecting to see dramatic gains, but it feels like I'm heading backwards judging on weight,strength and appearance.

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Okay... second chest session of the week tonight hoping to hit some PR's for some extra motivation!

I have upped my fats (add 30g natural peanut butter as a bedtime snack) and carbohydrates (50g).

Feeling a lot better but oddly still feel hungry all the time despite eating 3,600 calories a day!

Haven't weighed myself for a while now and will do tonight to track progress, woke up this morning and wrists felt extremely stiff hopefully this is a step back from my recover seems to come right throughout the day with massage and light stretching.

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Absolutely murdered legs on Saturday!

Got a few rep PR's

- Back Squats 140kgx12x3 fourth set went to failure got 14 reps time to up the weight!

-Leg press 16 Platesx20, 18 Platesx18, 20 Platesx 14, 22 Platesx11 (Super stoked especially since I do this after squats)

Legs are still extremely sore/tight spent a few minutes yesterday trying to foam roll it out, was incredibly painful!

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This morning Trained Chest and Triceps. Yes on international chest day :pfft:

Routine was rather average no real impressive lifts, moved houses Sunday night and had an average sleep.

Lifts were:

-Incline dumbbell press 28kgx20, 32kgx16, 36kgx14, 38kgx12, 40kgx10

-Incline neck press 80kgx10x4

-Flat Dumbbell Flies 18kgx20, 20kgx18, 22kgx16, 24kgx14

-Skull crushers 3 working sets

-Tricep extensions 3 working sets

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Hit back and biceps this morning ran out of time to train biceps properly but will make up for it later in the week.

-BW Pull-ups 5 sets of 12

-Bent over barbell rows 90kgx20 for 4 sets (underhand)

-Rack Pulls 100kgx20, 140kgx20, 160kgx18, 180kgx16, 180kgx16

-T Bar rows 50kgx20, 60kgx18, 80kgx14, 80kgx14

-Seated Dumbbell curls 18kgx16, 20kgx14, 22kgx12

I did rack pulls instead of deadlifts due to hamstrings still being sore/tight from the leg workout on Saturday. First time doing rack pulls and I think I'm going to stick with them, great pump in the lower back and harder to break form.

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Shoulders this morning

-Seated dumbbell shoulder press 20x26kg, 16x30kg, 34kgx14, 36kgx12, 38kgx10

-Seated lateral raises 20x16kg, 16x18kg, 12x20kg, 12x20kg, 12x20kg

-Rear delt flies on machine 60kgx20,68kgx16,74kgx14

Finished with abs

- Cable crunches 3 sets super set with hanging leg raises

Still haven't weighed myself.

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My De Quervain's Tendinitis is back!!! Fark!!!!

Only in the one of my wrists this time though, an awkward hand placement when getting out of bed this morning set me back 10 weeks of recovery!

Hoping to train chest tomorrow the wrist wraps I have seem to help alot as they are good at taking the movement out of my wrist so thumb doesn't have to bear much/any load.

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Did a light chest & Trap workout this morning

-Flat Barbell Bench Press 80kgx16x4

-Incline Dumbbell 30kgx20, 34kgx16, 36kgx14

-Upright Rows 40kgx20, 50kgx16x3

Tried doing shrugs with and without straps. Both hurt my wrists so oped for some light upright rows.

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My macros for the day so far.

Started using MyFitnessPal today its a great app if you have access to the internet throughout the day.

yeah MyFitnessPal is awesome, just avoid using the "exercise" option of logging calories burned, cos it messes with the totals, ie burn 300 calories exercise it adds 300 calories to the macros you have left for the day.. which i dont agree with for cutting especially

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Hit legs this morning

-Squats 140kgx12x4

-Leg Press 12 PX20, 14PX16, 16PX14, 20PX10

-Stiff leg deadlifts 100kgx12x3

-Seated leg curls 4 working sets

Hit 3245 calories.

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Killed chest and triceps this morning

-Incline Dumbbell Press 30kgx20, 34kgx16, 36kgx14, 40kgx12

-Incline neck press 70kgx12x4 (pretty light)

-Flat flies DB 20kgx20, 22kgx18, 24kgx16, 26kgx12

-Skullcrushers 45kgx12-10x3 superset with close grip presses (same bar/weight)

-Tricep extensions 4 sets

Macro's for the day:

302g Carbohydrates

96g Fat

294g Protein

3,298 calories

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