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Another journal....

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Hi all, Mossley suggested I try and write out a journal so here goes....training for my first comp in Auckland in June, 7 wks in, 16 wks left.

Today - LEGS

Hack squats

Superset - leg extension & db step ups

standing calf raises

30 min incline walk

Proposed Diet -

M1 - oats, whey, peaches, flaxseed oil

M2 - Protein shake & handful dried apricots

M3 - Chicken, brocoli, cabbage & 3/4cup brown rice

M4 - protein bar

M5 - chicken, green vegis

M6 - yoghurt & whey

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What are your current stats and goals?

good to see another journal, I find them good reading

looks like the girls hae overtaken the boys with the journals though!

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Awesome, definitely put your stats on so we can help if you find you plateau. Your diet looks great for so far out. I was a shocker until about 6 weeks ago (my comp is in 10 weeks).

you're an inspiration!

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Hi folks, thanks for the encouraging words. Weekend was good - went something like this -

Saturday - Support Crew Duty, no weights, no cardio

Sunday - Legs & Back

One leg extensions, leg curls, barbell rows, seated row, Chin ups.

Diet - could have been better.

Today - Shoulders & Triceps

Shoulder press, DB Lat raises, Rear delts, DB kickbacks & tricep extensions & 20 mins bike

Diet - sticking to plan

Tomorrow - taking a rest day, Wednesday - Cardio - Thursday back to weight training.

Sorry i dont have my current stats - but have another weigh-in on saturday so will update then on BF etc. Shoulders & arms have definately gotten bigger so seems to be working.

Im not at the stage for losing BF so cant really say anything on that. Maybe some interval training will be good?

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