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SARMS Osterine

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Anyone used on its own?



etc.......Im very interested and just want some feed back.



I haven't used yet but have talked to the guy who uses it in my gym and have seen the results. This guy is very familiar with gear, peptides and other ancilliaries.

He was very happy with it for post-cycle both in recovery and libido but honestly I saw very little if any major visible changes apart from the usual post-cycle loss of full muscle bellies and water.

Since Osterine doesn't supress LH FSH it sounds great for PCT but I get that same effect from using DHEA...might consider next time as anything is better than low Test levels.

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DHEA any good?

I've only ever had it confiscated lol, never got to use it :S

Yeah me too but there's enough of it around the traps.

For PCT and off-cycle I find it very good especially the days when Test is at an all time low the gym workouts are still good, still get pumped and motivated.

Without it, I used to not even feel like lifting a heavy weight at the low times.

100mg per day, split dose works for me. From my last blood tests (I got 2 down 3 weeks apart) it can't prevent the Testosterone dropping to 0 but whatever it does do am happy with it :pfft: I buy it with my Nolvadex it's that important to me.

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Yes have used as part of PCT. Coming of cycle there is always the drop in weight due to the massive affect ASS has on glycogen storage. Not much you can really do about that. It is also not uncommonfor people to lose a bit more weight while going through PCT. This is where SARMS IMO have their place.

I started at 5mg per day but still had some weight loss, went up to 10mg a day and weight loss stopped. SARMS are taken orally.

Basically SARMS are the next development from steroids by the pharmaceatical industry. The objective being having the benefits of steroids with none of the side effects. There is however some lowering of HDL and some liver enzyme increases although very little compared to running an AAS/PH etc cycle.

If you wanted to run it as a standalone cycle then you can compare it with running a milder PH cycle or a low oral dose of ASS without the sides and no need for PCT if run at sensible doses. Personally I won't use SARMS for this purpose. At the end of the day there is still nothing that for value for money and for results that can beat ASS (apart from insulin). More suitable for ASS users as a bridge or in between heavy androgen cycles.

Good addition (as mentioned what I use it for) to PCT to maintain androgen receptor activation without causing further suppression while Nolva/Clomid get to work normalising HPTA.

This is where I buy my SARMS from http://researchsarms.co.uk/

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Thanks Hone

Great post :nod:

Your welcome mate. Should of mentioned that SARMS need to be stored in a cool place out of sunlight. NOT the fridge.

S4 (andarine) shows some promise in reducing prostate weight.

I am going to run MK-66 (Ibutamoren Mesylate) for 3 months after an insulin/DNP cycle which is coming up. Some interesting studies showing good increases in IGF 1 levels.

SARMS are pretty new so long term side effects if any are an unknown factor at the moment.

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