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Yohimbe, Anyone used?

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Hi I was all set to give it whirl but they took it of us.........Anyone used it by itself rather that a pixie dusted pripriotory blended supp?





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Hi, new member here. yes, i used it a number of years ago,...but not for body building purposes. I bought a product from GNC called 'Maca Man' while i was in the U.S. I took 2 tablets along with 3000mg of 'Arginmax', also from GNC.  I'm not familiar with this forum, so i won't get too descriptive....but, it had a very positive effect 'down under'. Things really started looking up and it gave me a pleasant sensation and 'tightness' where men like it most.....A word of caution, Yohimbe is not for everyone. Start of with a small dose and slowly increase it until you get the desired effect. you'll notice some side effects, some not so pleasant. Increased heart rate, sweating, stomach ache..maybe. I personally never had any of these to the point where i stopped taking it. However, 14 years later, i can't tolerate it the way i used to. There are ways of buying it from abroad...

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If you get it from a quality, reputable source you should be good. But yeah, prolly best to dose very conservatively at first to assess tolerance.


And good luck getting it through.

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Something I had on yohimbine: :-)


Yohimbine Fat Loss Protocol


What is Yohimbine?

Yohimbine is an indole alkaloid found in the bark of the Corynanthe yohimbe tree. The standardised form discussed here is the hydrochloride salt form Yohimbine HCL. It acts primarily by inhibiting the action of Alpha-2 Adrenergic Receptors, exhibiting stimulant and lipolytic effects.

Due to acting on Alpha receptors it has the ability to preferentially target ?stubborn fat? where high concentrations of these receptors are found. In males this is typically the lower abdominal area and low back while in females it is predominantly the hip and thigh areas.


Is this protocol for me?

The goal of this protocol is to remove the last bits of stubborn fat, therefore a degree of leanness is required. These fatty deposits are the last to go so as a rough guide decent abdominal visibility and vascularity are indicators this may be for you.



There are four main components to the fat loss protocol, below is a brief summary of each:

1) Yohimbine HCL: Hopefully this is self-explanatory!

2) Stimulant of Choice: potentiates the effects of the Yohimbine, several variations will be described below

3) Fasting periods: The effects of Yohimbine are negated by the presence of insulin in the bloodstream, therefore it should be used in the fasted state for maximum efficacy

4) Cardio: Low intensity fasted cardio following yohimbine ingestion will act synergistically to enhance the fat burning effects.


Choosing a Stimulant.

There are several stimulants that can be used in conjunction with yohimbine to enhance the effects, each with pros and cons. Since the effects will be amplified it is important to build up the dose steadily and to use only one stimulant alongside yohimbine.


- Caffeine: This is the best choice for a first time user. It?s cheap, readily available, has few sides on its own and is well tolerated by most.

- Clenbuterol: A potent thermogenic in its own right, when used in conjunction with yohimbine there are several beneficial effects. Yohimbine will extend the active life of a single clen dose by a few hours as well as delaying the receptor down regulation induced by clen, allowing it to be run continuously for 5-6 weeks.

- Ephedrine: This is the combination most likely to lead to side effects. Due to the synergistic action, the effects of this combo (both positive and negative) are much greater than the sum of each separately so use this with extreme caution and dose conservatively.



- Yohimbine: Work up to a max dose of 0.2mg per kilogram (~0.1mg/lb) of bodyweight. Start at half of your max dose and adjust as necessary.

- Stimulants (choose one!)

  - Caffeine: 200mg should be plenty for most people (note that coffee is NOT an acceptable substitute here)

  - Clenbuterol: Maximum dosage is a ratio of 1mg Yohimbine : 8mcg Clen

   - Ephedrine: Max dose 25mg Ephedrine. The amount of Yohimbine may need to be decreased.



Low intensity cardio is done 30-45 minutes after taking the Yohimbine to allow it time to enter the system. Due to the combined stimulant effects, yohimbine can cause a falsely elevated heart rate; i.e. exertion that would normally raise HR to 140bpm may actually raise HR to 150-160bpm, thus any form of HIIT or weight training is not recommended. I would suggest incline walking as a good option but any form is fine.

The cardio is not absolutely necessary to the efficacy of this method but is highly recommended and will result in greater fat burn than the two parts separately. If cardio is not performed then the fasted period should be extended as described below to allow normal daily activity to expend calories.



This method is to be used first thing in the morning, while fasted as insulin is at its lowest here. It can be done every day if needed, with or without cardio. If using every day I would suggest 1-2 days of no cardio per week (at least to start).


- Immediately on waking take the full dose of Yohimbine and your Stimulant

- 30-45 minutes later perform 20-60 minutes of Low Intensity Cardio

- Post-cardio, ideally continue the fasted period for 2-3 hours, however a small protein/fat only meal can be consumed 45 mins post-cardio if necessary

- Eat as normal for the rest of the day


- If no cardio is performed then the fasted period should last for 3-4 hours post ingestion of Yohimbine, with regular eating resumed from then on. If absolutely necessary a small protein/fat meal can be consumed at least 2 hours after taking Yohimbine.



This method can cause problems in some due to the synergy of the compounds used and the false heart rate induced by Yohimbine. For this reason it is advisable to build up the doses slowly, starting with Yohimbine + Caffeine and ensuring the cardio is kept moderate. The cardio here should also replace any other cardio done that day to prevent excessive fatigue. On a similar note, leg training should ideally be performed on a ?cardio? day using this method but later on in the afternoon/evening. If you train early then leg sessions should be the day after.


Yohimbine HCL really is a remarkable substance. Most of us know that it is an alpha2-adrenergic antagonist but it also may help fat loss in other ways simply because it increases the release of adrenaline (which activates beta-adrenergic receptors)...kind of a "double win" if you think of it. The latter may fade with time though...


As far as the subcutaneous water goes, could be a secondary effect related to Yohimbine's ability to affect blood pressure: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/8089252


Contrary to when used in isolation, when paired with caffeine, it also has a significant effect on cortisol as well: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/3153710


T3 can be safely used in combination with this protocol as T3 is not a fat burner itself so there is no interaction with the stimulants.


If supplementing with Zinc, this might be the reason for side effects to occur. Free Zinc increases glutamate mediated neurotransmitters. Too much Zinc causes the over-production of Noradrenaline in the brain, leading to the side effects.


All the yohimbine does is preferentially target so called 'stubborn fat', and aid in the mobilisation of fatty acids. If those free fatty acids are not then used up as the result of being in a caloric deficit then they will simply be re-stored as fat.


The presence of insulin in the blood effectively makes yohimbine useless so the guidelines for use would mimic the fasting timelines in the OP.


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