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How did you find this site?

How did you find this site?  

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  1. 1. How did you find this site?

    • I used an internet search engine
    • A site I was browsing directed me here
    • A company's mass mailout/newsletter
    • I just guessed the web address
    • Word of mouth
    • Other advertising - posters, etc

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5 hours ago, HyzeNz said:

It was funny i came across this site when i searched "nzifbb organiser" and it lead me to the forum talking bout moe..:)


I joined in like 2010 after googling one of moe's shitty nutrigenix products sold by the old xtreme in Hamilton at the time (grant).

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On 3/6/2017 at 7:19 PM, Pseudonym said:

Ha! Yes, he's been the topic of a few conversations here over the years!


Welcome, @HyzeNz - are you thinking of doing a show?

Thanks. Not as yet.


I've been a fitness fan for a while because i'm a big believer in healthy body = healthy mind.


Pretty much jumped on here because I'd like to know people's thoughts and opinions of things that are going on locally through both fitness and nutrition.

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