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  2. Anyone still following>?

    Gonna be a good fight. Romero can bang, one of my favourite fighters. 42 years old, he is so durable and still one of the best athletically in the ufc. Adesanya is on a roll, so much confidence which is hard to stop. Will be a goodie!
  3. not feeling dbol end of 2nd week

    This post is why people die
  4. Anyone still following>?

    If Yoel uses his wrestling he gases in 2... izzy isn't easy to take down. Izzy rd4 tko
  5. So I used to train 5x5, 3x3 high volume a lot. Benching 3 plate at one point under 80kg. But I've taken years off and a vegan diet has made me lose basically all muscle. I am worried about returning to train because my strength is still there considering how long it's bean, but no doubt my body has chewed through ligaments and I am worried about a serious injury. Is there any new info on how to train ligaments for strength/prevent long-term injuries? I can bench 2 plate even though I have basically no muscle, but I am worried about training even a percentage of that.
  6. Anyone still following>?

    Seems this section's pretty dead. I've gotten back into MMA after a several year break and have been really following the UFC, even Rizin, Jewels, OneFC etc lately and it's pretty exciting. Got Adesanya vs Yoel coming up (which Yoel wins easily if he uses his wrestling) Tony Fergusson vs Khabib (which is Khabib's best challenge yet by a mile, also a big fan of 10th planet and Tony) Conor is back A lot of exciting prospects in the asian comps, a lot of new interesting grappling leagues as well.
  7. not feeling dbol end of 2nd week

    Take care mate, health is more important that being big. 👍
  8. not feeling dbol end of 2nd week

    it gave me blood pressure issues but I was dealing with it with cardio and water intake I'm not saying it's supposed to feel like that what I'm saying is I even lost the sides I had from it as well even at more dose than before. I feel as if I'm off it
  9. Last week
  10. not feeling dbol end of 2nd week

    Why would you feel hot or light headed on Dbol? That doesn’t sound good at all. 🤔 Dbol makes you feel great and like an Alpha male and strong as an ox. 30mg a day is enough for good results if you ask me. And It’s hard on the body.
  11. I'm on test e and dbol cycle and always had weird heartbeats and palpitations when on them. only ran dbol for the past week and a half and at the start I definitely felt it punch me but damn is it non existent now. I'm taking triple (90mg) of what I was taking and still not even the slightest feeling. not feeling hot or light-headed it's just.... as if I'm not taking anything... could it be that my body got used to the compound? anyone else have similiar effects? I tried taking 30mg preworkout in my first week and it was legendary but now I've got no feeling even with 60mg pre workout.....
  12. First Test E cycle - questions

    $70 is pretty cheap, probably why you have only gained 1kg lol
  13. Sarmz.co.nz - Anyone tried - Legit?

    Hey dose anyone know if sarms.co.nz are still running? Can't find there website any more.. maybe a name change?
  14. First Test E cycle - questions

    Shit that's expensive bro, i got mine for $70 each vial Test E 250. i need to book my doctor for blood test as well. For some reason i haven't gained much weight yet only around 1kg or something. It is my 4th week so lets see how it goes Yeah prolly just cooking oil, nothing major Hope your next cycle goes well bro
  15. Does any one know of a NZ GP who would do well with an interview based on this video? 10 Questions to ask your GP before TRT Any recommendations of NZ GP's who understand the subject?
  16. Critique my body

    very good brother, how much you weighing in that pic?
  17. First Test E cycle - questions

    @AKL yeah local source here in christchurch, a guy know reasonable well aswell. Maybe he thought he could get away with juping me. Bought two ten mls vials for $300. And he 100% believes its real and was just saying to stay on it a few more weeks then see. And yeah had my blood done through my doctors and literally said normal range for test levels. I assume they did free test and total as thats what I requested. My Gp did seem hesitant when I was asking for them to be done might need to change Doctors lmao. My strength is definitely up and weight but more then likely just placebo effect from training harder then usual. And yeah most likely just some bs cooking oil.
  18. Peptides

    Hi can anyone tell me what happens if nz customs seize an order of peptides under a name? Eg legal action or they just wont let them in. And has anyone had luck getting peptides through? thanks
  19. dbol is considered more effective at mass building but is that because of the water retention at the non muscular tissue? does winstrol not increase glycogen stores like dbol? or are we bro science'ng this by looking at how much dbol holds water and increases strength and calling it more anabolic just because winstrol doesn't hold water and therefore makes you look not as big? would one still not get as much lean muscle mass on 50mg winny than they would on 30mg dbol? don't get me wrong I'm on 50mg dbol right now on top of my test (finishing off the cycle with dbol) and it is doing wonders so I'm asking this out of curiosity
  20. First Test E cycle - questions

    You need a quality source mate
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  22. First Test E cycle - questions

    Did you get it from someone local bro?? that sucks if the gear is fake, TBH i was little worries about that too. i am getting my blood work done next week so lets see what happens lol
  23. First Test E cycle - questions

    Well mine Def is real, on my 3rd week and start to get little puffy under my left nipple lol decided to up Airimidex to 0.50 Every other day to see how it goes. fingers crossed lol P.S i kinda always had little bit extra area around my left chest, probably from puberty but not quite noticeable. But with the estrogen from TEST E its surely changing a bit
  24. First Test E cycle - questions

    Doesn’t look good mate. 😔 400mg per week levels would be high. Sorry mate, it’s annoying to find out your gear is fake and always makes me think WTF has been injected into the body. 🤔😡
  25. First Test E cycle - questions

    Just starting fourth week now and had bloods done test level show normal does this mean the gear must be fake?. No other sides, but up to 84.1kg. Increased calories madly though since starting. Thanks all @AKL and delts seem abit keen, I just went with glutes.
  26. Newbie

    Hi guys, recently moved to South Island from UK and keen to get stuck into another cycle and into more regular training now I’m settled. Does anybody know of any good gyms in Chch area where I might be able to find like minded people?
  27. First Test E cycle - questions

    I can definitely feel my body changing and change in my workouts. I trained pretty hard regardless so looking forward to the results from extra test. I already bought the pct so will go with it anyway but prolly wait for AI if there are any sides. Shot bro
  28. First Test E cycle - questions

    Testosterone hits the bloodstream after about 2 hours, there is no such thing as waiting for ester to kick in, the compounded dose should take about 4.5 half lives to reach maximal blood concentrations.. Don't knock out estrogen, its essential for growth.., End of cycle just taper off, don't waste your money on pointless PCT drugs, that have potential to induce depression, and issues with your vision, maybe take AI 0.5mg twice per week in last couple of weeks when tapering off..
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