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  6. Weakness and wanting to start protein shakes

    i think this is good idea to loose something
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  9. Second Cycle - Test E+ Dbol

    Maybe try first 2 weeks 125mg X 1, then increase to 125mg X 2, for 2 weeks, then 250mg X2.. Drop the Dbol, you are frontloading which is retarded... You could taper down last 2 weeks at 125mg once a week.. Forget nolvadex, your hypothalamus will regain function just fine....
  10. Second Cycle - Test E+ Dbol

    - not too many side effects last cycle, just acne on my back in the last few weeks of the cycle - didn't keep many of the gains (covid,etc didnt go gym for 8 months or diet well)
  11. Hey, so I'm doing my second cycle - first one was 500mg test e/week for 12 weeks. im: 74kgs 6'1 (185cm) goal: bulk eating 3500+ calories a day, clean food liv52 liver support + fish oil currently thinking of doing: 2 x injections (first week only 1) of 250mg test e *weeks 1 - 12* 2 x pills a day of 12.5mg/dbol (total 25mg/day) *weeks 1 - 4* pct - nolva 2 weeks after last injection few questions - will it make a difference having only 1 injection the first week? (gyno, etc) - will 25 mg be sufficient - anything else? tips/experience? thanks a bunch
  12. nzscrapbook.co.nz

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  13. NZ Muscle Post & Photo of the Month competitions

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  16. Where to buy?

    Let me know too
  17. Where to buy?

    If you do find a supplier please dm me. Also looking for someone.
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  19. Kia ora I've got an old Garmin Forerunner 405 watch and want to keep using it but the heart rate monitor stopped working. I can't find any replacements so far (probably cos its a super old model). Just wondering whether anyone knows of where a compatible replacement strap and sensor unit might be available at a cheap price?
  20. Malegra 100 | Most Reliable ED Medication

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  21. nzscrapbook.co.nz

  22. Why cycle?

    Following my previous posts. T level measured in at a good 29nmol/L At half cycle of 4ml of Reandron 1000 every 12 weeks. This puts me at the top end of the 'normal' range. Thank you Daz or your input, I will continue this treatment now on smaller, weekly injections with consideration to possibly injecting twice a week in order to reduce the massive peaks and troughs.
  23. Cauliflower rice packets - Fantastic macros

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  24. This paper shows no significant difference in pharmacokinetic profile or metabolites between SC and IM.. https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1002/sm2.80
  25. I stumbled upon an interesting topic: Dr. Crisler has taken his extensive clinical experience and written a practical "best practices" guide for both clinicians and patients to follow. Testosterone Replacement Therapy—A Recipe For Success. He suggests that subcutaneous testosterone injections give you more bang for the buck, even suggesting that 80 mg. of testosterone given sub-Q works as well as 100 mg. given intramuscularly. Here is a video where he explains: I would love to hear your input, opinions and considerations?
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  27. nzscrapbook.co.nz

    This exercise is quite old, but it targets your bicep as well as your forearm at the same time compared to the common bicep curl. This exercise is very helpful in improving the size of your bicep and making your forearm strong. Due to the double benefits of an exercise, it is very much liked by fitness experts.  Zottman-Curl
  28. Instead of ghrelin agonists (GHRP-2) maybe consider addressing what caused tissue to become compromised initially.. Recent research suggests Advanced glycation end products (AGEs) compromise connective tissue, cartilage, spinal discs etc.. We know refined fructose, processed grains and vegetable seed oils induce AGEs and subsequent tissue damage.. Maybe GHRP-6 might be a better option to GHRP-2... For optimal tissue healing and regeneration BPC-157 combined with TB500 injected alternate days, as both have opposing mechanisms of action..
  29. Where to buy?

    Good morning team. Looking for a source of gear in Auckland (or out of Auckland, can ship). Anyone have any connections?
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